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August 13th Tags: 177th entry

August 13th.

                Well.  That went well.

                Since yesterday all I’ve had on my mind was the fiasco at the clinic downtown.  I say it went well, but I’m really being sarcastic.  It went fucking awful.  We overlooked a few really small details and it damn near cost us quite a few lives.  Not cool Mr. Journal. 

                It’s always a little thing that gets someone killed it seems.  I mean maybe I’m wrong, but it’s like I cover the big details really well, but some tiny little fact escapes me, and it winds up spiraling out of control into an event that gets someone dead.  It sucks balls.

                We rolled out early in force after getting ahold of Mike.  Mike said the Outsiders came near the clinic in the middle of night, observed the mess from afar for maybe ten minutes, and then left in a hurry.  He said the two wagons were back, and he saw four adults, all male.  One was really tall and thin, one kind of short and rotund, and two who were generic.  They booked it pretty fast due to what Mike described as an ‘untenable amount of the dead” that had flocked to the clinic again.  I guess setting a huge fire in the middle of an abandoned town that’s still filled with undead tends to draw those undead in.  Should’ve thought of that.

                Once Mike gave us the all clear to roll downtown, and the heads up that the clinic had been surrounded by undead yet again, we packed up for a long day out on the town with that in mind, and we headed out.

                We didn’t roll into the place like our warehouse breach plan would’ve had us.  We set up a firing line in the street about 120 yards out yet again, and opened up on the massive crowd that had reformed in the street and parking lot of the clinic.  It was a fucking mess.

                Instead of a good straight line we were too staggered, and not ten minutes into the shooting it became fucking apparent we were going to get surrounded.  Abby and I were firing out from the flanks and dropping undead as fast as we could move our sights, but it wasn’t enough.  I don’t know where all these motherfuckers came from, but there had to be two hundred and fifty of the bastards.  Abby hollered out she needed support, and I was already pot committed my side, and it was about to totally shit the bed on us, so I ordered a fall back in the vehicles. 

                Abby and I went cyclic just trying to drop bodies to turn them into shit for the undead to stumble over, and that bought us enough time to regroup the vehicles a couple hundred yards away in the intersection near the pharmacy.  It was weird to set up a circled wagons last stand deal in the middle of Main Street.  Fucking surreal.

                Now that we were that far away from the herd heading from the clinic, and we’d broken the line of the undead coming at us from the rear, we had enough time to reload magazines, encourage the new folks that everything was indeed very much still under control, and then get our nerves steadied to deal with the remnants still heading our way. 

                The slaughter began in earnest, and it was a tide of dead.  Fucking A that felt good after nearly losing our shit.  We pissed through so many rounds in the ten minutes following our displacement the streets were covered in brass.  We couldn’t walk around with nearly slipping and falling.  I made sure we focused on using the .22 rifles as much as possible because we’ve still got a ton of that ammo around, and frankly, we had the time and ability to do so.

                What a rush though.  I really felt great afterwards.  Of course more bullshit was headed our way, but for the moment, I felt like a goddamn rock star.  We had weathered the storm, and I was happy with how it went.  I mean it was also a rush to see the other folks proud that we had survived.  It’s a bond you only get in a really bad situation like this.  I remember some of the horrible ambushes and IED attacks Kevin and I were in back on Route Irish, and I tell you what, there’s little that’ll build a bond faster than surviving what you feel is the time God has chosen for you to go.

                The camaraderie is something special.

                We moved on the clinic a few minutes after.  As I said our plan was to set up a choke point at the front doors using loud noises (read: Lady Gaga) to draw them out and through the door setting up a kill zone that we could control.  We’d keep the HRT parked slightly behind us, and if the door became overrun, we’d simply drive it forward, using the plow blade to block the exit, and then restart at a different door, or shoot over the plow blade as best we could to clear the passage.

                All that went like fucking clockwork right up until the point the undead came spilling out of a side access door around the corner of the building.  I have no idea why twenty odd zombies would’ve gone to a door that wasn’t even facing our way, but they did, and lo and motherfucking behold, one of the dumb bastards leaned on the plunger bar, and the door sprung right the fuck open.  After that they simple went to the noise we were making, and we had major fucking issues.

                The main doorway of the clinic was a glass double door that swung outward.  It was also one of two double doors, creating a small dead space to catch the cold air for winter.  Basically a place to put your mats to wipe the folk’s feet on.  We had to deal with some undead inside the innermost door, but we were happy to see someone had the presence of mind to lock that inner door, keeping them in.  We wound up busting it with a halligan to get it open to set up our kill zone.

                The undead started coming out one or two at a time, and that was easy work.  Plinking away with the .22, or waiting until they were outside and them braining them with the point of the halligans was tit.  When it got to three or four at a time, we had to focus, and we started having three people on the door, two to shoot, and one to stay on point with a halligan to get anything that crept too close.

                When the largest burst of undead came at us, I want to say a group of maybe ten or twelve at the same time, all rushing forward, I heard Martin yell out from our rear, “holy fuck more form the side!”

                At the time I was standing next to the HRT’s driver’s side door, which was opposite the side of the building the undead were coming through.  I took off at a run, HRT still running, and wrapped around the ass end of the building as gunfire just exploded at the two locations.  The three folks at the door, one of which was Blake, just opened up as that crowd started to rush the opening, and Martin whipped out one of Gilbert’s AKs and went to town.  The sound of the AK chattering sent chills up my spine.  Not a sound I like at all.  Even if it’s friendly, it makes my blood run cold for a split second.  I had too many experiences with that noise meaning someone I cared about was getting lit up for it to sit well with me.

                I hate that fucking rifle.  I don’t care how reliable it is.

                I rounded the back of the HRT, cleared my lane of fire, checked for anything past the undead I might hit with any over shots, shit my pants a little when I realized how many were there so fast, and I started shooting.  I dropped three or four right off the bat in the first few seconds.  Once the lead line of zombies went down and Martin had finally gotten himself under control, I looked over my shoulder and saw that the front door was going to get overrun.  Immediately I screamed to no one in particular to drive the HRT into the breach of the door and seal it shut.  If another door opened right then, we’d lose the whole operation.  Better to plug the hole we knew we had, and deal with any other leaks first.

                I think it was Angela who drove the HRT into the doorway once the three folks moved out of her way.  It had to be her, because I think she’s the only woman who can drive stick.  I don’t think Abby can.  It might’ve been Amanda, but I can’t say for sure.  Some blonde woman.  Did a good job. Blah blah.

                Great job actually.  Saying that does whoever did do it a disservice.  Without that kind of clutch reaction, we might’ve had dead folks on our hands yesterday.  The HRT slammed into the opening with a crunch of glass and steel, shutting it completely, and allowing us to focus on the dozen or so undead still coming at us from our right side.  Once that initial threat of the main door was sealed, we dropped the other undead in just seconds.  Overwhelming fire I guess.

                Fuck my life.  Wow what a shit moment.

                I can’t believe none of us thought to shut the fucking side doors, or check to make sure they didn’t or couldn’t open easily.  It blows.  If we’d just put a fucking concrete block or two in front of that side door we might’ve avoided all that bullshit.  We are so fucking lucky.  Unreal.  Note to self:  At Gilbert’s Warehouse, please take a moment to investigate and secure exterior doors.

                After my profanity laced tirade directed mostly at myself, I had everyone clear the parking lot once again, seal off any exterior doors, and check all the ground floor windows to make sure no rooms were being overwhelmed by zombies.  Last thing we wanted was to have a few of them smash a window and come spilling out.  There’s little we could’ve done to plug a window broken in that way.

                Fortunately, we were able to push a few cars in the parking lot against the doors we wanted sealed, and then we were clear to back the HRT away.  Once it lurched out of the way with Martin at the wheel, a few of us just lit the fucking doorway up at head height, and mowed the plug of undead standing there down.  After that, we were able to enter the building with our breach team, and go room to room, putting them down.

                The breach team as we discussed it was Hector, Patty, Angela, and I.  Outside we went to our blocking positions as they would be at the warehouse job, and we did it as close as we could to the real deal.  The inside of the clinic was a goddamn mess.  Gore everywhere.  I don’t know what happened in there, but the entire place looked like it was crusted over in blood and bits of people.  Granted, it was all dried and desiccated and rotting from having sat there for a year or more, but the impact wasn’t lost on us.  The place looked and smelled like a slaughterhouse.

                There were so many dead.  I know I had two magazine changes, and everyone else had at least one each, which puts our headcount somewhere around 150 dead inside the building.  I can’t even fathom that number today.  I don’t remember shooting that many targets in that building, and I certainly didn’t think there would be that many dead in there.  I shudder right now thinking about how all those dead folks were just meandering inside that building this whole time.  Gross.

                The breach went like clockwork.  We had some minor technical issues, mostly due to the reloaded ammunition Gilbert made for us.  I don’t think he put enough powder in them, because we’re occasionally getting jams in the M4s.  The ARs are fine with it though.  New rule is that we aren’t using any reloads in CQB situations.  Only when shooting at range, and only when it isn’t intense like that was.

                No injuries of note.  No deaths.  A few minor heart attacks, but frankly, those come with the territory nowadays.  Also, I should make note that the Outsiders didn’t show up, which was sort of disappointing.  I was secretly hoping that they’d show up and make another pass at us and we’d be able to lay into them again.

                No dice.

                Once we had the place clear, we decided to EMPTY the clinic.  Leave nothing we could remove behind.  The breach and clear was finished up at something like 1pm or so, and we had the place emptied of goodies by 7pm.  Just as the sky was starting to show signs of dusk we wrapped up, and headed home.

                I won’t chronicle all of what we got there yesterday, but sufficed to say, it was a nice haul.  More than what we got from the Westfield clinic, but that stands to reason because Westfield had been using the clinic’s supplies for some time, and this place hadn’t been touched in over a year.  More medical supplies, medicine, gear, blah blah.  We left the dead inside the clinic because we didn’t bring wood like last time to restart the pyre.  Plus we didn’t want to make it look like the clinic was safe to enter now, for fear someone else might enter and either take or destroy equipment we might need down the line.

                In the basement they had a HUGE backup generator powered by diesel.  We debated trying to get the damn thing out somehow down the line, but Abby pointed out that was probably going to be necessary to power the heavier medical gear should we need the clinic down the line.  It also makes me think we could turn the clinic into a more robust shelter to live in later.  I guess we’ll see.

                The smashed open front entrance was barricaded with a van from the parking lot.  We sort of forgot to come up with a way to lock the place down after the ramming tactic, so that’s my failing again.  I gotta get better at this planning shit or else.

                Incidentally, there was a Toyota Prius in the clinic’s parking lot with the keys still in it.  Blake bled the tank dry, got some fresh gasoline in it, and wouldn’t you know it, the fucking thing started right up.  I tell you what man, Toyotas.  The Prius actually makes part of my life much easier.  More on that another day.  We brought the Prius back here to campus so Hector and Blake could give it a once over to make sure it was in decent working order.

                The trip home was fine.  Later that night Mike radioed into us saying the Outsiders were on the move something fierce again.  He said it was just the two wagons once more, but they were hauling ass around the east side of town near the STIG area.  Lots of driving, lots of gunfire  I think they are attempting to clear out undead that way.  Makes me wonder how much ammunition they have on hand if they can just drive around like fucking morons shooting willy-nilly like that.  Either they idiots, or they’re swimming in ammo.

                Time will tell.

                Today on campus we worked on the wall, sorting out and storing all the medical gear across campus so it isn’t all in one place, and also beginning the installation of a heavy duty rear exit for the wall.  Ollie, Martin and Blake spent the entire morning scouting the area near staff housing for a good spot to build it.  Over there it’ll still be near the water should we need to make a water exit, and plus it’s as far away from any kind of civilization as you can get.  Should be safe.

                They came up with a plan for it, and they’ve got the crew working on it.  I took the day off today and more or less just helped move med gear around.  I don’t feel all that well today.  Either something I ate, or maybe allergies.  Just lightheaded and I can feel some ninja shits just around the corner.  I wonder if I caught something at the clinic yesterday.  I’m avoiding Mallory as best I can so as to avoid getting her sick with whatever I might have.  I’m sleeping in self imposed exile on the couch in the living room tonight, which is where I’m typing this.  Otis is avoiding me too.  He seems skittish again, which strikes me as a bad sign.  Maybe I really am getting sick.

                Tomorrow we’re hitting MGR.  They need a restock, plus I want to touch base with Mike to go over the clinic clear, and what our final plans are for hitting the warehouse.

                If that goes well, we will hit Gilbert’s place on the 15th.






August 11th Tags: 176th entry

August 11th.

Well, we've had a few days to get some stuff done, and it appears we haven't done much of anything. It feels like we haven't done anything at least. I hate days like this. I feel as if we need to get so much done on a regular basis that any day that goes by where we don/t get X or Y or both done was a waste.

I'm also just being a whiny, impatient bitch. Must have sand in my tampon or something. Feel free to tune me out Mr. Journal.

We came up with a finalized plan to hit the clinic a couple days ago. Well more accurately, we came up with a finalized plan to observe and examine the clinic a couple days ago. On the 10th. Which is actually yesterday, which kind of sounds like I'm losing my mind.

Hi, I'm Adrian, I wet the bed.

No shame in admitting that.

All day yesterday here on campus we relaxed and accomplished a single thing. Remember how I said we came up with a neat A shaped gate idea for the opposite end of the bridge? We got that thing built yesterday, and it took all damn day, and took almost all of our free people to get done. However, it is one beefy motherfucker. Ollie has been scrounging for pressure treated lumber all over the area when he has time, and he's been saving it for the fences and mostly for the gates. He had enough lumber to make the gate, and Martin had enough metal to build hinges and build a nice fat metal edge on the front of the gate that reinforced it, and will cut any trucks or cars ramming it straight in half.

The gate is designed to collapse into the guardrails when it's hit, making a wedge that can't be pushed out of the way. The fence itself is about 8 feet tall, and overhangs the edge of the railing so folks can't easily climb around it if they were on foot. During the winters we'll need to make sure the ice is broken though, so we don't get walkers coming across the lake like last winter. Fucking zombies.

Once we accumulate enough lumber and resources we are planning on building a set of walls that will go along the guardrails on the bridge so even if something does go around the overhang, or if something does walk across the ice, we've got the campus sealed from it.

Where was I? Oh yeah, we built the gate, and made the plan to scout the clinic earlier today, which was the task at hand right before I sat down to write this.

Like I've been saying for forever now, I really want to do a live breach and clear before the final run to the warehouse. It makes really good sense to get a large building clear under our belts before head all that way from home and go into unexplored territory. There's also a large part of me that really wants the adrenaline rush of doing it. I don't think Gilbert's place will be infested with the walking dead, but there's little sense in ignoring the possibility. Shit happens, and frequently to me and those that spend any kind of time around me.

Breaching and clearing the clinic here in town is something that's been on my potential to-do list for a long fucking time. There might be medicine inside, as well as more generic medical supplies, and honestly the big reason to get it done is to have a largely sterile facility where we can do more significant procedures, as well a nearby place where we can go for more robust medical examination, like a heavy duty x-ray machine, or lab work, or whatever.

There's all that, and the fact that I am positive that the place will be chick full of the dead, and it frankly kind of creeps me out. It's been far too long for that empty building to be unsafe, and filled with the dead. It's long overdue that we get it done and over with.

Long winded aren't I? I really wanted to validate today's activities. Maybe I need to rethink this. I shouldn't be putting that much work into talking myself into doing stuff. It should come naturally, and be sensible.

Ah fuck it. I want the place empty, and I'm spoiling for a fucking fight. Before we rush in there's some sense in observing the place, and that strategy will be applied to the warehouse as well. More on that plan later. It's still very much up in the air.

Today we decided that a recon in force operation was a good idea. Essentially we rolled out in the warehouse team, drove directly to the clinic near the grocery store and pharmacy downtown, cleared the area around it to cut down on the danger on the final day of the breach, make another quick run to MGR, and then we came home.

That's the super short version of what happened today.

When we rolled into the clinic area it was pretty heavily covered with a very spread out number of the dead. I was driving the HRT and frankly, they were just too damn spread out for me to make any real dent in the number with the plow blade. It just wasn't happening. I made a single pass through, hitting maybe three or four, and then did one pass around the two story brick clinic hitting maybe two or three more before it was apparent it'd take me an hour of driving around to hit them all. Not only was that a huge waste of time, but also of fuel.

I made the command decision to set up an outer firing line with the vehicles, and we'd pick them off at range until the crowd was thinned out enough for us to wade in with melee weapons. The humvees, semi, and I in the HRT pulled back, and drove in to establish a firing position about a hundred twenty yards out.

Most of the initial firing we had the newer folks do. We had plenty of time with the distance we'd put between them and us, and there was always the simple fact that our more veteran shooters could pour it on if need be to buy us additional time. I had Abby watch our asses as we used the hoods of the humvees as fixed firing positions.

I must admit, it was a good time. It felt like a clean, safe way to get them trigger time shooting at actual moving targets. I've said many times over that our more experienced people are more or less one shot, one kill accurate now, and that's still pretty much the case. In really tight spots that's obviously not going to hold, but if we have enough time to aim, it's nice to know that we've got that kind of firing efficiency.

Sadly, the new folks aren't anywhere near that kind of accurate yet, even with the stable firing position of the humvee. I think a conservative estimate of 4 or 5 shots to net a single kill is about accurate, and I think there were maybe two people who threw that number way the fuck off. I don't wanna name names or anything, but I watched two of our shooters waste ten shots each trying to kill two zombies. I'm really glad I had the opportunity to watch that, because I'm SURE that it was their nerves messing with them. And if they're getting nervous here and now, they'll shit spiked bricks covered in Thai chilies when we go to the warehouse.

Can't have that.

So those folks are officially rotated off the shooting teams as of right now, and they're now either off the operation entirely, or they can work on the labor team that will clear out the warehouse proper. I guess they can put some range time in to buy my confidence back, but shooting an orange piece of construction paper stuck to a tree is a lot different than shooting at a small girl with her intestines dragging behind her. It isn't apples to apples. Nothing of the such.

Once we'd taken enough down that we could safely wander around with pistols and halligans, that's exactly what we did. It's also very critical to get these people up close time like the clear we did in Westfield the other day. Doing that clinic and making sure people could get up close and personal with the undead is a big deal. I distinctly remember that day back in what was it, November? Back when that asshole zombie tackled me in the cafeteria and I took a fucking mental holiday shortly thereafter and locked all the campus doors. Kicking that motherfucker's ass with my bare hands was a huge confidence booster in retrospect, and giving these people a semi-controlled environment to do the same is awesome.

As you'd expect, Martin and Blake did the most amount of melee work. It was nice to see guys like Alex and George pitch in though. They've been on campus doing wall work all the time, and seeing them in action dropping bad guys was nice. I must say one of the massive side effects of the wall work is physical exercise. Our people are fucking ripped now. Operating chainsaws and lifting logs and digging trenches builds muscle, and with our largely reduced diet, folks are lean for the most part. The men are strong and sexy, and the women the same. It's crazy how attractive we all are. I'd easily say that on the standard sexy scale of 1-10, we've all gained at least a +1.5.= Easily.

It?s like P90Z. The Z stands for holy shit I survived the zombie apocalypse, lost forty pounds and now look like I could easily be a cast member in 300.

I guess it's not all bad.

Once we had the parking lot clear, the streets around the clinic clear, and the bodies stacked up and out of the way, we lit a funeral pyre. It does sound stupid for us to do that, but we've got tactical reasons. Pretty clever shit if you ask me. The dead bodies everywhere around town are like disease filled landmines. When we finally get around to dealing with them, they're likely to be ROTTEN and filled with all kinds of pestilence and whatnot.

We had maybe 80 bodies at the clinic just outside that were just around and about so burning them now before the disease sets in was a smart idea. Remember how I said the zombies don't rot, and don't have maggots or anything? It's like the evil power that motivates them preserves them, and kept them warm enough to stay mobile through the cold months. It's like they're smoldering with hatred towards the living.

Unpleasant though to say the least.

Plus, when we did the MGR run afterward, Mike said he's got a great view of the clinic fire, and if those Outsider motherfuckers go to the clinic to find out what the smoke is about, Mike will see them, and hopefully gather some intel. So haha asshats. Joke's on you. I'm hoping they show up in the middle of the night tonight and Mike watches them fumble around, scared out of their mind as they try and figure out who cleared out that many undead and then took the time to deal with the bodies. It's a calculated show of force as well as a way to try and get intel about these assholes.

We didn't go inside the clinic today, that's tomorrow. We could see through the ground floor windows though that the place had a large amount of undead inside. It will be a real bitch of a clear, and we'll have to do a choke point and pull operation to do it safely. Set up a car stereo blaring our favorite female singer, make sure a door with some kind of blockage is opened, and then we just plug them as they come out. Lather, rinse, repeat, then go inside and clear the place out the old fashioned way. Hopefully it goes well.

Mike and Patty are awesome at MGR. They say the movement is very light, but the dead are definitely out and about. Mike says they move around like waves. They'll move one way in town for a few hours, then something will get their attention and they'll turn in a different direction. Almost like they operate on their own set of tide tables. That really creeps me out.

Once again we increased the MGR water and food supply so now they have a full ten days of water and food on hand. They aren't eating or drinking as much as I thought they would, so it turns out that's not that large an amount of food. I'm really happy they aren't draining us. It's also helpful that the crops are yielding good shit now. Plenty of veggies on the regular, and the kids continue to get fish out of the lake.

Hunting has dropped though. Our wild game take is down dramatically. The wall means less creatures are wandering into campus, and that means less wild game. That subject came up at dinner tonight, and we're thinking of setting out traps in the area behind campus to draw in stuff we can shoot. I think Blake said he's already making salt licks so we can bag some deer, or god forbid a moose.

That'd be delicious.

Tomorrow we hit the clinic. Wish us luck Mr. Journal. Might need it.



August 9th Tags: 175th entry

August 9th.

Mr. Journal do you have any fucking idea how heavy an x-ray machine is?

Let me assure you, the good ones do not come in light as a choice. They are heavy as a truck's engine block, and just as hard to maneuver.

I am sad to report that there was painfully little we could remove for equipment from the Westfield clinic yesterday. Well, we did get a lot, but we had to leave an enormous pile of shit behind.? It was a real shame.

What did we actually get? The crown jewel of the haul was a portable x-ray station from the urgent care area of the clinic. It's about the size of refrigerator, and weighed something like ten metric tons. I swear to god it used lead bricks to make x-rays. Actually come to think of it, it probably was filled with some kind of lead shielding. Duh Adrian.

We got scalpels, forceps, tweezers, pliers, casting materials, splints, crutches, wheelchairs, canes, a small quantity of basic medical supplies, a few copies of the PDR, which was nice to finally get our hands on, as well as shit like alcohol, iodine, scrubs, smocks, lights, hospital beds, oxygen tanks, masks, sterilization chemicals and a whole mess of crap I don't even understand the value of. I just know Doc Lindsey pointed at the stuff as we cleared the place out and said, take that, and that, and that, and that...

She seemed happy to have it all on hand when we got back here.

The Westfield clinic op was a breeze, but it was also much more intense than any of our previous jobs. First of all, it was downtown in Westfield, and there were undead we ran across. We hit a small handful in the HRT as we drove, but the outside blocking teams had to shoot just as many while we were inside. That gave our newer folks some time face to face with the dead, as well as the chance to take some shots and bust their combat cherries, so to speak. We had enough time and security that a few of the undead could be dropped via halligan, which was extra awesome, because it saved on ammunition, and also gave the noobs a chance to literally get their hands dirty.

It is one thing to shoot a zombie in the face, and an entirely different affair when you step up to a person, look them in the face, dead in their white, nasty eyes, and smash the piss out of their skull. It's the kind of thing that sticks with you, and only repetition, and reassurance from friends in the moment can make it easier to deal with. You need to be hard to survive now, and days like yesterday gave us a chance to get some strength into folks.

Harsh world Mr. Journal.

The high school area is largely empty of undead. We saw two or three kicking around the area, but to be honest, it was just creepy. The wall of cars surrounding the school almost looks like automotive tombstones, wrapping around the charred skeleton of some large prehistoric beast. It made me think of how STIG looked like the corpse of some massive industrial beast, with the steel beams rising from the foundation like blackened ribs.

It made me shudder. It made some of the rest of the people who came with us cry. A lot of people died there, and it's a fucking shame. When we find that asshole arsonist oh boy, the satisfaction will be severe.

The more I think about what I just wrote, the less I like my word choice of prehistoric That makes me feel like our world, our culture, and our nation is now a part of the past. A past that is never coming back.

Maybe that's for the best.

We wound up filling maybe a third of the semi with supplies from the clinic, so we hit a few small businesses in town for shit. Westfield had a nice downtown filled with storefronts, so we used the time to run down the street and gather things that Mike and the other survivors had left behind.? For instance, there was a shoe store that still had maybe half its inventory in place, and we really needed shoes. Lots of folks are still wearing the footwear they were wearing on June 23rd of last year, and you can imagine how comfortable they are today.

When we returned home here to campus late yesterday, we made a lightning run down to MGR to restock them on water and food. While we were there, we increased the amount of supplies on hand in the event they are attacked.? They now have a 6 day supply of both food and water, as opposed to just 3 days.? Mike said that things were quiet in town, and they only saw a tiny bit of movement.? He said the two Outsider wagons were still moving, but mostly far off to the east towards the STIG area of town. He hasn't been able to nail down exactly where they are holing up over that way, but based on their general direction of movement, they are coming from the city, or one of the towns between here and there.

Silly Outsiders. I hope they keep their greedy ass hands off my town. I'd hate to show them the meaning of fire superiority again. Man that sounded vindictive. Damn near evil.

Be the better man Adrian. Be the person that is the good one. You need to focus on that. You are the good man in this. Be the hero, not the villain.

Deep breath.

What does bother me quite substantially is that Gilbert's warehouse is directly in that direction. We will need to drive right through what appears to be their home territory, and that is obviously inviting trouble. We may need to switch out our approach and exit routes to give them a wide berth. What blows, is I don't think we have much option in that regard. There's only one or two streets/roads that get to that neck of the woods, and both pass through there. Which way we go who knows?

I just hope we don't wander into a fucking ambush as we drive to the warehouse, or god forbid, after the warehouse with injured and less ammo. If I were them, that's when I'd do it.

Today was an on campus day as we evaluated our plans, and what we wanted to do moving forward. Ollie, Martin and Blake took the day and got some assistance to get that second gate started. Essentially they are building a huge A shaped gate that will point directly towards Auburn Lake Road. If someone attempts to ram the gate, they will hit the steel reinforced edges, and drive the gate into the guardrails, thus creating a wedge they can't drive through. It's sort of like the crumple zones in a car. Essentially if anyone rams it, they create an impassible barrier, and leave themselves open to be fired upon by our shooters inside the walls.

The rest of us focused on working with the cows, the chickens, and mending fences, and working on the wall. Every single person was working all day today, but the weather was nice, the mood was relaxed, and we had zero cares from start to finish. It was all in all, as idyllic a day as we've had in some time. Late in the day we took two hours and did a quick refresher course for folks wanting more trigger time.

Abby took the noobs and worked on basic firearm accuracy and I took the folks we'd identified as Grade B or better shooters, and got them some time with the M4s Mike brought. A quick inventory told us we had eight M4s in stock, and I wanted to issue out four of them eventually. For training earlier today, I simply showed them mine, and how I do what I do with it. Mag swaps, jam clears, loading unloading magazines, basic weapons maintenance, and the such. We ran out of time to do actual firing, but that's fine. There's always tomorrow as they say.

No word from MGR on anything bad, just their regular check in radio calls on the proper hours. No news is good news as long as they are checking in. Things are great here on campus, although I can clearly feel the tension growing as we get closer and closer to doing the actual warehouse run.

We still have no fucking idea who our arsonist and potential Emily murderer is. No one's story has come up dirty yet, and there hasn't been anything strange happening here since her death. It is starting to look more and more like she really did hang herself. As for the Westfield fire, well that seemed pretty fucking fishy, and with the chained doors and all, we KNOW that was no good.

I just wish I knew what the hell to do.? Gilbert, you listening? I could use a phone call here brother. Now would be a good time.

Otis is well. He's gallivanting around Hall E like a prince lately, reveling in the extra attention Abby is giving him now that Patty has moved to MGR with Mike. Abby seems out of it lately. Just generally kind of morose. I know she's struggling internally with the idea that her mom has shacked up with a new guy, and I'm sure she's also dealing with feelings of abandonment. If my mom blindsided me with the news Patty just did to Abby, I'd be all kinds of messed up, and I don't like my mom.

Abby loves her mom. I'm hoping this doesn't translate later on into issues that become real problems when the shit hits the fan. Poor Abby was already dealing with the stress of Gavin dying, and the whole dreams bullshit, and now her mom moves out to a more dangerous home, and in with a guy she doesn't know all that well We'll be lucky if she doesn't take a nutter and climb a clock tower with her AR. We'd be bent. She's a really good shot.

Tomorrow we are finishing up that gate here on campus, and working more on the wall. I think we only have another ten or fifteen real days of work to get the back end closed, but that also raises the question of having a second exit. We need to figure out how to build a sturdy exit that can't be breached easily. I'm sure the construction gurus here can come up with some clever idea.

Martin idly mentioned that he needs more metal to work with, so on our travels out and about, we need to be on the watch for that stuff. After tomorrow I want to start planning for a hit on the clinic here in town. If it has anything left in it, I want it. I also want to make it safe and secure it so if we need to use that clinic for more major medical procedures we can.

That will require a fairly in depth plan as well, but I am excited, because we need more breaching experience, and that clinic is likely to be nasty. I can just smell it now. All the sick and bitten and dead that rushed there on June 23rd and 24th, trying to get medical assistance for something that couldn't be helped.

I hate to say it, but clearing that place sounds like fun to me. Grab life by the balls and yank, right Mr. Journal?




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