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Valentine's Day sale!


Just in time for Valentine's Day, I've added a discount to all the Chris Philbrook merchandise on my site stores.  If you head to my main author website here:

Then head to either Merch, or Books, you'll find many things you can get.  Anywhere you see the 'Add to Cart' button, you can get the discount.  You can also cash the discount in using the AUD School Store links, as well as on A Dragon Among Us, or Elmoryn.

The code to get 15% off your order is CASSIE.

So men tell your women, and women tell your men.  All things me are on sale until the end of February!  And remember when you get your stuff, take a picture and send it in!


The Failed Coward Launch! Tags: 31st book four release day

Here are the links to purchase The Failed Coward on Amazon. If you can wait these last few hours until at least 8pm eastern standard, that'd be swell. Ideally, you'll hit this up sometime tomorrow, but I get it, waiting is hard.



Please remember to leave reviews! They are super duper important for the growth of the series, and tell folks what's up about the book itself. I appreciate it, and other new readers to the series appreciate it as well!

If you have extra spare time, please feel free to copy and paste your reviews over from Goodreads too!

Thank you all!


The Failed Coward release info Tags: January 31st

The Failed Coward is 341 pages, and will be released on January 31st. It covers March 5th, through April 29th and contains Sweetest Amy, Gasoline, The Siege of Mildenhall, and The Golden Palace.

Ebook price will be $3.99, paperback $15.95.

For those of you who tossed your $10.03 in to get your names into book four, I hope you'll be pleased with how we laid it out. There's a lot of names in there, and I'm thankful for all that you've given me over the past few years.

As always... Reviews and ratings on Amazon, Goodreads, and Barnes and Noble are supremely important. You can already find the book on Goodreads, and as soon as it goes live on the other sites, if you've read it already via the website, please take a moment and leave me a review. Folks buy books on Amazon not just by their cover, but by the reviews written for them.

More reminders and stuff on the way.


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