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Shirts for Stories! Tags: Trilogy of side fictions

In the interest of being productive and fair, I'll be dividing the "shirts for stories" program up. Instead of writing three side fictions when 200 shirts are sold, I'll be doing the following:

25 more shirts (50 sold total), and I write the first.

50 after that (100 sold total) I write the second, and;

200 total shirts gets the third.

Also in the interest of being a huge cock tease, I'll share that the trilogy of short stories will be about Adrian's brother, the SEAL.

Soooo... many of you have asked for information about how he fared after that day, and these stories will tell you just about exactly how that went down. 

Team V shirts are now up for Pre-Order Tags: Yay Vagina!

Ladies and gents!

We've been working on this shirt idea for forever and a day, and this one came up as a fun idea men and women both could wear.  Want to support the ladies of AUD?  Patty, Amanda, Angela, Melissa, Kimberly, Michelle, Mallory and most important of all, Abby?

Snap up one of our new Team V baseball shirts.  It'll show your love for the characters, as well as help Joe and I pay for our extensive coffee habit.  Not to mention, it'll help us front the cash for our new project...

If this shirt isn't striking your fancy, we've got four other designs available in the School Store.

Follow this link to see and order the new Team V shirt.

Thanks for the love, and as always, remember if you're a subscriber, you can get a sweet discount code in the Hall E forum.



AUD T-Shirt giveaway! Tags: Win some cool stuff

To celebrate the end of the AUD storyline, I'm running a sweet contest!

Simply head to the forums here:

I'm searching out which entry folks loved the most, and why.  Details on the contest are in the thread, so head on over, and win something from me!

Hope everyone is keeping their eyes peeled on new projects from me, as well as upcoming premium content.

Best wishes,



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