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February 2nd, 2012 Tags: 255th entry

February 2nd.

                After heavily conferring this morning, we decided we were going into the southern fringe of the city tomorrow morning.

                We are going to the Factory to drop off some supplies they need, and then heading south down and around the city through the suburbs.  Once we get south, we’re cutting across the edge of the city and heading north to a moderately industrial section of town near the airport.  There’s a fairly large pharmacy there, as well as a small medical supplies business in an industrial park just off the airport perimeter road.  There aren’t a ton of houses there either, so we’re hoping the body count is manageable.

                With the snow on the ground, the undead will be slow moving, hopefully buying us time to shoot any large hordes of them efficiently and safely.  We plan on raiding the pharmacy of whatever it might contain, then hit the medical supplies business for the same.

                If things get hairy, we bail.  We’ll manage the illness without the supplies.

                We are taking the two humvees, plus the HRT.  We’re rolling with nine shooters, three per vehicle.  Kevin Fitz and Quan are all rolling with M203s which will be a nice force multiplier, and Joel is rolling with a SAW, which is a huge asset for us.  We’ve also got the two turret mounted SAWs on the humvees, which needless to say are going to be a big deal should things get sticky.

                In an ideal world though, we’d be in and out without making any noise.

                We’ll see how ideally things go.  I’ll try and check in as soon as I can.  After we get back Mr. Journal. Wish us luck.





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