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October 20th Tags: 10th entry

October 20th.

                I’ve been laughing about this since I left off on the journal a couple days ago.  After the quasi-debacle at John and Dorothy’s I left for my friend Steve’s place.  Steve actually lived kind of near where I lived in town.  It was more or less downtown a little closer to the center than my place, so I was worried about the condition of the world there.  How shitty would downtown be?  I would soon find out.

                Aside from the story:  Tuesday was solid, nothing happened here on campus, and today was good too.  It’s still kinda damp and cold out, but the rain has subsided.  Feels like it’s getting a little warmer out.

                So the drive to Steve’s place was something like 6 miles from John and Dorothy’s place.  I got back on the state route heading towards town and was sort of surprised at the lack of traffic.  Well, the lack of traffic heading in the direction I was going.  Cars headed east were practically tailgating at 80 miles per hour but heading west it was dead.  That stands to reason though as heading east dumped them onto the interstate which would take them either to the more populated areas or up north where it’s pretty sparsely populated.   I ran the stop sign at the end of their street btw, which kinda bothers me to this day.  Foolish risk really.

                The drive to Steve’s apartment was smooth.  No traffic accidents, no bullshit.  One of the things that I actually had to laugh about was I finally figured out to turn off the goddamn CD I had playing and turn off the radio. Don’t get me wrong, I had been kind of enjoying my end of the world day to the soundtrack of Eminem, but I needed info now.  I listen to the radio so infrequently it just didn’t occur to me that I had a media option to listen to.  When I did listen to the radio, I usually listened to NPR, so when I switched, that’s what I got.

                I forget the exact details now, but the radio reports were really bad.  I guess things had gotten dramatically worse since I had last watched the boob tube or checked the internet.  Hospitals were flooded during the day with people who were sick or injured, or who thought they were sick.  Of course it took some hours to get things sorted out, and in the meantime, lots and lots of people got bitten or killed outright.  That spread the disease.  With the medical infrastructure totally fucked within about 8 hours, things went from bad to worse.  In a non-stressful environment there are shit-tons of car accidents, work accidents, home accidents etc.  Imagine how many extra accidents happened that day, and in many cases from the sounds of it, no ambulances arrived to help?  And if they did come, they probably took you to an epicenter of the plague or whatever you want to call this.

                 If you haven’t figured it out by now Mr. Journal, shit was terrible by this point.  Little to no medical care to be had anywhere.  Hospitals and clinics were totally unsafe, as were the body collection areas they tried to set up.  NPR said something like 5,000 plus cases of bite attacks were reported in New York State that afternoon alone.  Can you imagine the fallout there?  It had to be exponential.

                 Anyway I listened intently the whole drive to Steve’s place.  I was really hoping to find him there.  Not only to make sure he was safe and good to go, but also I was hoping to drag him along to the school as a fellow “survivor.”  He’s a helluva guy to have around.  If only for comedic purposes.

                 Downtown was amazingly sedate.  Very few cars moving around at this point and a lot of darkness.  The street lights were still on, and all the businesses were still lit, but I think those all operate on automatic lights.  That or whoever was there went “peace-out” and left everything on.  What was dark though were the house lights.  A lot of the houses were boarded up, and a lot were probably empty.  I also imagine a lot had their lights off to avoid attracting any attention.  The thought of all the people huddled up in the dark was pretty fucking creepy.

                  Steve’s place is in one of the handfuls of small apartment complexes in town.  We have weird ordinances here that prevent apartment buildings over two stories, so there aren’t many.  We do have lots of old multi-family homes instead.  Anyway, Steve’s place consisted of 4 brick and shingle buildings, arranged in a square with a central parking lot just off a street that’s perpendicular to Main Street.

                   Each building had a single entrance with a central hall and stairway linking all four apartments. Steve’s place was on the second floor of the building closest to the street.  Honestly, if Steve could block off and secure the central doors on the first floor, his place would be sweet to hole up in.  Pretty secure.

                  When I pulled in I scanned the parking lot for movement.  It was well lit, and I could see maybe a half dozen folks putting shit in their cars frantically.  Seemed pretty safe all things considered.  I pulled right up to the curb in front of his place and got out.  I took the shotgun with me.

                  I hit the buzzer for Steve’s place but there was no answer.  I hit it again and waited another minute or two, but zilch.  This was normal for Steve.  Steve’s couch was his close, close friend and often you had to text him to get him to answer his buzzer.  His priorities were a little different than most you could say.  He always figured fuck the doorbell, everyone he knew that was coming over would text him anyway.  Random doorbells were probably Jehovah’s Witnesses, or girl scouts trying to sell a product that wasn’t a piece of ass.  Hence: no interest, and thus no answer of the door.

                  Pretty luckily though, one of his neighbors, a fairly cute chick that I think he originally moved into the building to try and fuck came out just then.  She blew right past me like I was a fucking lamp.  No eye contact, no hello, nada.  Women.  End of the world and I can’t even get a phone number.  I wonder if Steve ever got to fuck her?  Seems like a little bit of a waste if he didn’t.

                   Anyway I slipped inside after she left and went upstairs to his place.  I found a note taped to his door, carefully handwritten with a little smiley at the end of it.  I kept it, and here it is, in all its glory.  (Spelling and grammar errors are original, and all courtesy of Steve.)

To whom it may concern,

If you are reading this you are either concerned for my well being or are about to loot my house. If the latter be the case have at, I left my broken laptop on top of my bed and that’s about as good as its gona get for you. If you fall under the categories of being concerned for my well being have no worries, I’m on top of my game.

I’ve always wanted to have the playing field leveled and for better or worse this whole end of the world thing has done just that. So I figure while everyone else is panicking or hiding or just shitting there pants I’m going to go get the Benz I always wanted. I’ll be occasionally coming back into town to check on my parents at the “Davis Family Compound.” Who would have thought that my father’s ludicrous paranoia would have set him in the perfect position to survive the end of the world? I am never going to hear the end of it from him.

Anyway since cell service is gone I finally have a reasonable excuse to use a CB Radio and can be reached on channel ten around noon everyday if you are in my vicinity.

Much Love




                 Off to the school I went.




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