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Otis tie dye shirts, Spread the Plague, and the new project.

Happy Saturday night folks,

Just wanted to drop a quick announcement here on the blog section with some neat updates.  I sunk a few hours today into dying another large batch of the Otis shirts.  About thirty of them, give or take.  They came out much cooler than the first batch I auctioned off, and will be up for sale in the School Store this week.  They'll be between 20 and 22 bucks, so that means each shirt will come with a free bumper sticker to boot.

Also, until August, the Spread the Plague shirts are on sale!  Any order containing an StP shirt will have $2 taken off the total if you put AUDSTP into the discount code on your cart.  Make sure you remember to hit update cart too. 

We're just 19 sales away from the third piece of the Thomas Ring series, No One's Home.  This part follows Thomas and Glen as they try to put Rasa back together, and get the hell out of a village filled with threats.  This one is a lot of fun, and the series is receiving a lot of praise, so help support AUD, and also get a nice set of short stories to boot.

The new project is coming along well.  The site itself is almost fully built and ready to go, and I've only got to write two more chapters of the first book before we can go live.  Artwork is rolling in, and over 400 pages of premium content will be available on day one.  Pretty sweet.  Look for it hopefully in July, but possibly sometime in early August.

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer, and thanks so much for all the support! 




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