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September 28th Tags: 199th entry

September 28th.

                Good news: Blake is still alive, though he’s in a coma. 

                Bad news:  This Factory bullshit sucks my hairy, gonad slapped taint.

                We left Abby, Mike and Patty behind at the Factory the other day to maintain law and order.  We confiscated all the weapons and made sure that the three of them were fully capable of keeping the natives in check before leaving.  We’ve also got radio contact out that far, and with no real fear that the Outsiders or anyone else can hear us, we’ve been talking pretty extensively over the radios trying to figure out what to do.

                I am happy to report that for all intents and purposes, we are doing fucking nothing.

                The whole crew of folks at the Factory is staying there.  With the sisters and their asshole lackeys all dead, there is no real reason for them to leave there, despite our dynamic… trio telling them how awesome ALPA is.  The Factory has food, a solid security system, a durable building that is easily defended, a diesel powered generator in the basement for electrical needs, and apparently they have been able to subsist on rainwater this entire time.  When cold weather hits, they’ll have snow too.

                I can’t lie, the water situation over there definitely weirds me out.  I don’t see how they could live that long on just rainwater.  It doesn’t make any sense, they must’ve had a large supply of bottled water, or something to have kept the 50 or so folks there alive as long as they did.  No idea, just saying it seems sketchy.  Maybe they rationed like a motherfucker.  Not sure.

                Anyhoo… they want to stay put.  That is largely in our interest, because as best as we can tell, they are entirely self sufficient, other than their need for freshwater, and possibly for security.  I think we can trust them with guns to protect themselves, especially right after they got to see what happens when you piss us the fuck off.  I don’t see how they would want to get right back into it with us.  Just doesn’t make sense.

                The water issue does bother me, especially now that Blake has the old water truck filled with gasoline.  Surprise surprise.  I’m trying to piece together exactly what he was thinking, but it’s hard when he’s in a coma in Doc Lindsey’s clinic.  Second hand knowledge from Martin and passed on pillow talk from Kimberly.  He thought we weren’t going to need it for water again, so he filled the damn thing up with fuel on the last fuel run.  Granted, it’s full of gasoline for us, which is righteously awesome, but if we wind up getting into the whole “giving water away” thing again like with Westfield, then we are going to need that truck back in service, or we’re going to need to find another one pretty damn fast.  I don’t want to hand deliver a shit load of individual gallon jugs again.  Fuck that noise.

                Abby Mike and Patty are staying at the Factory until tomorrow.  We’re heading back there with a small delivery of food and water as a gesture, and to help them transition to a new life without all that pesky oppression.  We also want to examine their food needs and make sure that the gardens they have growing in the back will get them through another winter.  I didn’t notice it the other day, but I’m told on the flat warehouse roof they had more garden plots.  What worries me is the inevitable snow that’s only a couple months away.  I guess they struggled mightily last year, and I don’t want to set them up for failure if we can avoid it.  I’m also thinking we might just want to bite the bullet right now, and have Ryan give them the know how to set up their own hydroponics plant inside. 

                That’d increase their overall food production, and also eliminate a lot of the cold weather concerns.

                Why am I worrying so much about saving the lives of people I just met?  Do I care too much?  Or am I just a gullible bitch?

                Oh, I should also mention that Mike said that the undead in the area around the Factory have reappeared.  It seems that there were maybe a hundred or so drawn in by our massive gunfire exchange, which does seem pretty likely.  What does still strike me as odd was the fact that there were no undead at all in the area the day of our assault.  It just seems like there should have been a lot more.

                Maybe I’m just a negative Nancy.

                So yeah, tomorrow we’re headed back to continue figuring all this out.  I’m hoping there is a clear leader there that can take over with minimal support from us.  I’m also hoping that we can get their security guy Andy on board with setting up a similar security system here at ALPA and possibly at MGR.  I guess his system runs on some glorified LAN setup, which I totally dig.  He’s pretty clever for a virgin vampire.  That’s not fair at all.  I’m sure living there he was swimming in forced vagina.

                Which begs the question… should I even work with that asshole?  Is he fruits of the poisonous tree or what?

                Dammit.  Moral dilemmas fucking everywhere.  This was so much easier when I thought everyone was dead, and I was all alone.  I talked about how many bullets I had, and how much food I had left, and what happened when I tried to get food from the cafeteria and a single lone zombie tried to bite me, and just bit the collar of my fleece jacket. 

                Oh, the simple life.

                I might try and talk with Jason too while I’m there.  I’d like to nip this old school awkwardness bullshit in the bud if he and I are going to get along for any length of time.  He was a pretty good friend of mine before the Cassie thing developed, and if I can repair that lost relationship, he’s a great guy to have on your side.  I mean, six four and three fifty has some clear benefits, but he’s a stand up dude generally.  I’m sure he was just dragged into the bullshit there because he worked there before June 23rd,, and it was a pretty decent set up to stay at if you could not vomit.

                Of course, I could be totally wrong about him too.





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