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Hey there.

Three things to share today.

First off, I'll be at Gibson's Bookstore in Concord NH tonight at 6:30 doing a signing for some fans.  If you can make it, I'd be more than happy to sign any of your books, and shoot the shit with you.  I'm pretty fun to hang out with.  Gibson's currently stocks Dark Recollections and The Wrath of the Orphans, so if you can pick up a copy of one or the other, they would appreciate it, as would I.  I will have an advanced copy of Alone No More on hand to show folks as well, which is kind of exciting.

Secondly, Alone No more drops on Amazon on Monday November 11th, in celebration of Veteran's Day.  A HUGE portion of my readers come from the military, and when I saw that we could make a hard push to get book two released on this day, we said fuck it, and put our nose to the grindstone to get it done.  I know it isn't much of a gesture, but I want all of you men and women who have served to know that there are people out there who are thinking of you, and want the best for you.  I'd love to see the support on Book two that you all showed me on book one.  Dark Recollections nearly cracked the top 700 of all books on Amazon day two, which was an incredible achievement for a no talent hack like myself.  I thank you all profusely.

Thirdly, also in celebration for Veteran's Day, I've decided to put The Wrath of the Orphans on sale on the Kindle for a week for just .99 cents.  If you haven't read Elmoryn, this is a super cheap way to start, and also puts a few pennies into my pocket, which is win win all around.  I just hope you enjoy it half so much as AUD.

Please spread the word about Alone No More, the Wrath sale, and Veterans all over the world.  They're all worth talking about.

Appreciate you all!


2013 Goodreads awards!

Super important task.

Dominate the Goodreads People's choice awards for 2013.

Go here:

Then head to the Science Fiction, Horror, and Debut Goodreads Author categories, and down at the very bottom, enter Dark Recollections and vote.

You'll need to do it for all three categories, but it takes less than a minute, and could result in some HUGE free publicity for the AUD world.

Plus I'll love you forever.

For real.



Supporting the Military Tags: AUD supports the military giveaway

AUD Supports the Military.

No matter how you slice it, AUD is a story that is about a guy who served.  He gave up a lot of his life to protect his country, and the story appeals to men and women who did the same.  As a guy who has multiple family members who served or are still serving, as well as friends deployed, or back from deployment, my thoughts are with those in uniform daily.

Because of that, and the Veteran's Day coming up, I want to give a little back, and share Adrian's story in the process.  Here's how this will work.

Do you actively serve in the military?  Are you in the National Guard?  Do you have a unit that would enjoy a free copy of Dark Recollections, or The Wrath of the Orphans?  Well, I want to send you one.

Head over to my official author website: Scroll down to the bottom of the page and send me a message to get your free book.  Here's what needs to be in the message:

Your name.  Your unit name.  A shipping address for the unit, on a base, or a boat.  APOs are fine as well.  In fact, the more I can send to overseas guys, the happier I'll be.

Each book I send out will be signed by me, dedicated to the unit that has requested it. 

I am not made out of money, so please don't pretend to be in the military to get a free signed book.  Also, all I ask is that the book be shared with all members of that unit, and if they liked it, please continue to share Adrian's story with others.

Thanks to everyone who has supported AUD, and in this regard, thank you especially to the men and women who have served the nation I call home.




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