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Book signing in Manchester NH Saturday the 22nd

Stop in at Double Midnight Comics in Manchester NH tomorrow afternoon, March 22nd from 1 to 4pm and say hi!  Bring your books for me to sign, or pick one up there.

I'll have freebies, as well as shirts and stuff, and I'll have print copies of Wrath on hand if you want to be on the cutting edge.

See you there!



Wrath's official launch day is here!

Okay kids. The official release date for Wrath starts in about six hours, but I'm sure most of you who have been waiting patiently are pretty much done.

If you want to pick up your copy tonight before you head to bed, here are the links for the Kindle and paperback versions. Amazon will merge these links, but as usual, it takes them a few days.

If you have read the contents of Wrath on the website already, please please write a review while you are there. If you haven't read Wrath, once you do so, please write a review when you're done. Book One has picked up a few kind of meh reviews, and a few nice ones would help balance it out. (Granted the reviews are overwhelmingly positive, but I'm fussy) Also, because reviews are like, my lifeblood, please make sure you write a review when you are done reading any and all of my books. I cannot thank you enough.

Enjoy book five, and please let me know what you thought of the improvements.

To buy on the Kindle: 

Wrath (Adrian's Undead Diary)

To buy in paperback:

Wrath: Adrian's Undead Diary Book Five (Volume 5)


Wrath release and nice review!

Good news!

I've slid the release of Wrath up a day to March 16th!  Yay and stuff!  Don't forget, I've added quite a bit of all new, never before seen stuff to this book, so reading it will be a new experience for you old timers.

Also, Shana Festa of The Bookie Monster wrote a stellar review for Wrath for  Go check it out, and share it.  The extra publicity will be super helpful for the series.

Thanks all!



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