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August 28th.

                Well, the weather has appeared and fucked us in the ass.  As wet as the rain is, it has definitely been a wee bit of a dry entry, if you catch my drift.

                It is monsooning.

                I am sitting in the common room of Hall E right now, looking out the window, and the rain is coming down so heavily I can’t even see the cafeteria across the way.  It’s just a white haze of moisture between here and there. 

                This must be the remnant of a tropical storm, or hurricane.  We don’t get many here, but boy are we catching this one.  I’m really hoping that we  don’t get washed the fuck away.  I’m very worried about the berm wall.  We don’t have grass growing on it yet, and the earth is loose.  This kind of rain is going easily wash a shitload of the wall away and make a giant motherfucking mess of the ground nearby.  Best part I’m thinking about… is the fact that only shovels will work to put the dirt back.  We can’t just fire up the backhoe and scoop it back on top.

                Maybe we’ll get lucky though.

                Ha.  Haha.


                I’ve got insane cabin fever.  We’ve been cooped up inside for the bulk of the last two days from the rain and wind.  There’s little sense going out.  Nothing is really all that pressing here, other than our sudden burst of gasoline consumption.  Being inside all day and night means we’re using tons of electricity, and we’re unable to cook outside on the grills or fire pits we’ve been using.  It’s all stoves, and lights for the past two days.

                As I said Blake has been the spearhead on keeping track of gas usage, and he came over, soaked head to toe about an hour ago to remind me that we need to do a gas run.  He said we’re at about 60% remaining, but by the time we can make it down there, we’ll be below 50%, and that’s scary stuff really.  I’m hoping that if the weather clears tomorrow, we can hit the gas stations, and restock.

                I’m kind of concerned that there will be a lot of trees down.  Power lines aren’t a problem anymore, which is somewhat comforting, but we’ll still need to roll out with chainsaws to cut downed branches and cut trees apart.  It might take us all day tomorrow to make it to the gas station, but a good solid trip will reset us nicely.  I feel rusty, and that’s silly, but hey, I feel rusty.

                Not sure what else to talk about.  I’m not sure how this storm will affect the undead.  I am so hoping that we’ve killed the majority of the undead here in town, but it seems like no matter how many we put down, there’s always more around the corner.  I’m sitting here wondering how many homes will have weather damage from all these high winds we’re experiencing right now.

                A few trees down here and there might poke some holes in houses, setting previously trapped dead free.  I don’t think that’ll be a huge problem, but fire does concern me.  We’ve had some adult strength lightning strikes here, and if we’re getting hit here, then the entire eastern seaboard is getting hit badly.  Lightning starts fires, even in the rain.  We could have a rather amazing amount of damage to deal with tomorrow.  I’m not talking about just here, I mean all of town.

                It could blow.

                What else is going on here?  Not much.  Becca is well, and spending an awful lot of time in the gym working with Ryan on the hydro setup.  Still not sure how I am planning on killing Ryan should something develop between him and my little sister.  I’m currently leaning towards fisting him to death. 

                Too much?  Should I just shoot him? 

                Ah man.  Who am I kidding?  Ryan is a decent kid.  Becca is a good girl.  If something happens, I’ll just throw condoms at them and hope for the best. 

                That’s a much more sensible, loving Adrian right there Mr. Journal. I’m fucking cuddly now.  Spreading the good cheer.

                Man I need to get the fuck out of this dorm.

                Where was I?  Caleb is doing well.  Very sore.  No infections in either of his wounds, and I credit Doc Lindsey and her amazing cleanliness, and attention to detail.  She’s done a great job at making the clinic on the first floor of the admin building a real place of healing and comfort.  When I walk in there I actually FEEL like it’s a small hospital, and not a hobnob cobbled together triage.  It really feels like a hospital.

                Caleb is still sleeping there, and for the most part Sophie and Adam are as well.  We’ve got them a fully furnished pair of rooms on the third floor here in Hall E, but Caleb can’t really go up and down stairs for shit yet, so there’s little sense in moving him out of the clinic until he’s able to move.  Lindsey said that he should be in a much better place in terms of range of motion in three or four days.  If anything, us Ring boys heal fast, and Caleb has taken her assessment of his injuries as a challenge.  He’ll be moving around like a gymnast in no time flat just to spite her.

                I know I would.

                I still haven’t talked to them fully about the dreams, and the dead.  I don’t know why, but I have this overwhelming feeling that my family will think I am insane when I explain it to them.  I mean, strangers… sure, why not.  It’s a weird enough world and me saying I talk to the dead doesn’t really step up the weirdness much.

                However, Caleb and I took baths together as a kid, and liked the same girls as teenagers, and went to the same school dances too.  If I sit him down and really lay it all out for him…  I don’t know. I just think he’ll laugh at me, and have me committed at the closest thing to a nut ward still around.

                I know eventually I have to tell them.  I’m sure by now the others here on campus are talking about it, and discussing it, and spreading my dirty family secret.  By the time I work up the sack to say something, they’ll already know.  Story of my life.  Never afraid to run into the burning building, filled with danger, but always afraid to sit down and have that talk with someone important to me.

                I think that’s the Ring legacy.  We’re never afraid to put ourselves on the line, but when it comes to our emotions… we’re cowards.  Maybe I need to work on that.

                Mallory and I are doing okay.  She’s definitely happier now that the salon is up and running.  She’s still affectionate, the sex is still decent, and we aren’t irritating each other too much.  I find she’s spending more and more time with Abby and Becca, which is good.  Becca needs friends, as well as Abby.  I am slightly concerned that a new Team Vagina is forming, and this one could be epic.

                Nothing against Patty, but Becca is a Ring, and that’s nothing to sneeze at.  Maybe one day, when people other than you Mr. Journal read this, the Williams family name will be as relevant as the Ring name.  I mean hell, we’re famous.  Lol.

                No, not so much.

                I’m bored.  Things are okay, it’s raining and windy outside, and I kind of feel like passing some time trying to get inside Mallory.  She’s downstairs playing Stratego with Adam, which is cute.  I think once that flag is captured, I’m gonna talk her into going to bed early.

                Go me.

                Tomorrow, if the weather clears, I’m going to gather a team and go outside the wall to clear the roads and check for damage.  If we can, we might push for the gas station.







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