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October 28th, 2011 Tags: 211th entry

October 28th.

                It’s been strange here with Blake up and about.  Well, as up and about as he can get.  He’s still pretty messed up, having taken a shot to the midsection at point blank range from a shotgun.  Honestly, it’s really impressive that he even recovered.  Miracles do happen I suppose.  I guess there’s hope for Adrian yet.

                Adrian’s health is stable I should add before I forget.  He hasn’t had any twitching episodes or seizures like before, but Lindsey and Sophie are saying that he occasionally cracks a tiny smile on the corner of his lips.  Up to no good with Gilbert I imagine.  If I know those two… they are flipping over tables, blowing stuff up and trying to pick up chicks wherever they are. 

                How are things with Blake you ask dad?  Pretty good.  He’s definitely a little quieter now, and a lot more serious about our plight(s).  He’s certain that we are about to have something terrible happen to us, and I for one am fully on his side.  With the dream I had, and the description of events he shared from the time he was down, I’m sure we’ve got something bad coming.

                You know how I said we had a bunch on non believers around here?  Well, when Blake’s story circulated here at school, lots of folks changed their tune.  Or at least started to change their tune.  It was like, such a huge deal that the guy woke up, and immediately had this intensely detailed story to share with us.  It’s almost like, too true to be a lie, if that makes any sense.  Like, if it were a lie, it’d be less strange and weird.

                Mike is so happy Blake made it.  I know he was sweating the guilt of Blake’s injury, and I think had Blake not made it, Mike would’ve been pretty messed up over it.  I talked to mom a lot about it, and she said that Mike spent a lot of time going over things, and wondering how he could’ve done things differently.  He swears up and down that Blake getting shot was wholly his fault, but I don’t buy it.  To be honest dad, I really think that Blake getting shot was part of the plan.

                You know.  THE PLAN.  The thing that nags at me, is which plan was he a part of?  The good guy plan, or the bad guy plan?

                So Blake is back in Hall B with Ollie and Melissa.  Melissa is such an awesome mom to be too.  She’s taking care of little Adrian while Kim takes care of Blake.  Ollie is taking care of the livestock and Melissa too, which is cute.  He’s such a cute dad to be.  I can’t wait to see the kids when they’re all grown up.  They’re going to be such good kids.  The parenting here is amazing.  You know that line about it taking a village to raise a kid?

                It’s TRUE!  With so many of us right here all the time the kids are always engaged, and interested, and there’s almost always something for them to do, or someone always watching them to keep them on the right track.  I think we might be on to a whole new version of society here.  It’s something to see.  Randy would’ve been so successful here dad.  No strange outbursts I bet, and his whole ADHD thing would be an asset.  Now if he could just stop fighting with other kids when he got uncomfortable or anxious…

                Spilled milk as Adrian would say.  Randy doesn’t really need to worry about getting into fights anymore.  And we don’t need to worry about him being successful anywhere.  Man that sucks.  I hate thinking about stuff like that.

                Speaking of a village, we are still preparing some small Halloween event for the kids in a couple days.  We didn’t do anything last year, because we didn’t have any kind of society last year at this time, and being that this is our first Halloween as a community, we’re doing something.  We have been hoarding candy for months now to give to the kids who can dress up.  It won’t be much, maybe 5 small pieces of candy at a few of the places on campus they can walk to, but it WILL be fun for them to make simple costumes, and eat that candy.  Some sense of normalcy returning is a good thing.

                We’re going to do it on Halloween itself, right before dark.  Now that campus is fully walled off, it is basically safe and sound from anything but an incident inside the walls itself.  Sooo… hello Jinx Fairy, have a field day with that mess up.

                I hate it when I do that. I wish I could keep my rather stupid mouth shut more effectively.  Adrian would smack me right now if he wasn’t off in la-la-land traipsing around with Gilbert, causing hate and discontent.  I’m jealous, just to be clear.  It’s been very quiet here.

                Well not that quiet really, there has been steady activity at the gate.  I’d say we’re dropping one or two undead an hour, and waking up in the morning to maybe three or four waiting for us.  It’s a nuisance, especially seeing how long we’d gone without seeing a single undead.  Ollie said on the trip to Westfield to see his dad and get all the hay they had to drive around or hit something like two or three dozen zeds, which is a lot compared to what we’ve seen the past few months.  I remember Adrian talking shit about how he thought we’d taken care of them all.

                Spoke too soon big guy!  Even the potential savior of mankind opens his pie hole at the wrong time I guess.

                I’ve been taking the majority of the watches on the gates and walls.  It can be boring as hell, but I feel safer knowing that I am one of the people who is making us safer.  Does that make sense dad?  I guess this goes back to how Adrian talks about how he feels safer going on the tough trips.  He’s afraid someone with less experience will make mistakes, and if that he’s there, he can help make sure that those mistakes are either negated, or minimized.  He’s a good leader.  Always leads from the front, and always by example.

                Maybe that’s why we’re struggling so hard to stay positive and hard working.  Without him out there working most of the time, and making things happen, folks don’t have that spark plug to motivate them.  I think there’s also an element of folks just being scared shitless of making him unhappy too, but to be honest, that’s got to be a minor part of it. 

                I don’t want to leave out the fact that the past couple of days things have gotten better here with things getting done.  Ollie’s hay trip and runs to Westfield motivated things well, and now with Blake up and about, there are a dozen projects he needs help on, and being that he’s kind of an original ALPA’r, people look up to him somewhat.  He’s got a few followers that love helping him out, and it’s nice that he’s here and talking again to get them engaged in the work that needs to be done.  You know the saying dad, idle hands are the devil’s plaything.

                I don’t know what else to talk about right now.  Mike and mom are doing well.  Caleb and Sophie are also doing well.  Caleb’s wounds are healing very nicely, and he has inserted himself into the rotation of watches.  Caleb’s not quite as nice as Adrian is, I should add.  He seems to have more of a temper.  But, he also seems like he’s super protective and affectionate to those he cares about, which is cool.  Their kid is cute.

                Ryan is doing really good on the hydroponics.  Becca, Adrian’s little sister has been spending a lot of time with him, which I knew was pissing Adrian off.  I don’t know if there’s like, romance in the air, but they do spend an awful awful lot of time in that gym. 

                I am sick of apples.  Oh, and Blake is now making moonshine cider with some of them.  Should be good stuff.  Even if it is terrible, we’ll still drink it, as our liquor and beer reserves are basically running on fumes.  I think a few trips out to empty or search houses are in order.  Might be a good idea if only for us to find more booze.  Pacify the locals, as it were.

                Things at Gavin’s tower are still good.  Things at the Factory are still good.  They have talked about having a rather large amount of scuffles there over who is in charge, blah blah blah, but everything seems to be settled.  I guess the majority of the undead are gone or dead there, so they seem to be doing well.  The rain lately has given them a nice supply of h2o, so that’s good.   One less thing for us to worry about I guess.

                Passing out here.  I need to get some rest.  We’re doing some extra construction on the barn tomorrow that I told Ollie I’d help with, and I also promised Becca and Melissa I’d help with making the big breakfast tomorrow for the folks who are helping do it.

                The things I do.

                Here’s a funny fact about Adrian dad:  he isn’t ticklish.  How weird is that?







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