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January 8th.

                When Blake, Martin and crew arrived at MGR the other day we were in trouble.  Our shooting spree the previous couple of days had drawn in a fair amount of undead over the night, and when we woke up, we had radio traffic from Bastion letting us know we had a long morning ahead of us.

                Abby said that she saw something along the lines of 30 undead move into the vicinity of the tower over the night.  She didn’t bother to wake us because shooting at night would’ve been more difficult (but not impossible, thank you night vision optics).  Instead, we were woken up at the ass crack of dawn with her telling me they were sending a small crew with Blake and Martin to assist us in clearing the entrance.

                Ethan and I saw that as a challenge.  We didn’t need anyone’s help.  Granted, arrogant and stupid as fuck, but realizing that I had the balls to step up and drop the hammer on short notice gave me a hard on last night that lasted an hour.  Nice to feel like I have balls again.

                Ethan and I kitted up as fast as we could after hearing the radio transmission from Bastion.  It was just like the days back in Iraq with Kevin when he and I were part of a QRF force.  You get the call, and you get your shit and move immediately.  No time to “get ready” if you get my drift.

                Ethan and I went to the second floor balcony that overlooked the door that Martin built.  We used that spot to set up a shooting position to thin out the crowd of undead that had gathered there.  Ethan did a quick count and said we had forty to drop.

                Easy peasy.

                Because we were only maybe twenty feet from the heads of the dead folks we were shooting at I went with the M4A1 on semi.  The Aimpoint sight is perfect for short range fast shooting, and I was happy to see that the rifle performed excellently.  If you’ve never shot with an Aimpoint, it’s a clear square sight that projects a small holographic red dot on where the bullet will go.  They’re fantastic for firing accurately, and quickly.  You lift the weapon, shoulder it, and as soon as you see the red dot on your target, you fire.  It also cuts down on the pesky projected laser dot that the old beam sights made.

                When I started to shoot I actually asked Ethan to give me the floor for a bit so I could get some rounds out of my gun to get it broken in.  He said that was fine, and I went to town.

                I took the time to line up my first few shots very carefully.  I picked zombies that were extra sedentary, and put that red dot right on their face, or forehead, and took the proper deep breath and slow finger squeeze.  No trigger slapping thank you very much.

                The first few rounds popped skulls like I’d hoped.  I intentionally started firing deep into the crowd to avoid us making large piles of dead bodies to push out of the way.  The bodies crumpled to the ground one after the other.  I’ve said this before, but the nice thing about having the first few bodies drop, is the other undead start to trip over them.  It got to the point where there were so many undead moving about that it was actually a relief when they started to trip and fall.  It cut down on all the heads wandering about and let me focus on the task at hand. 

                We reached a point where Ethan had caught on to how I was shooting at the furthest away and slowest moving undead, and he started to spot for me.  He’d call out something like, “tall blonde three o’clock,” and I’d zone in on them and lo and behold, they’d be the exact kind of target I was looking for.

                I think I’d put down about thirty of the dead we’d seen, and we had another ten or twelve wander in from the other sides of the building when we realized that we had to leave the balcony.  The indent where the welded steel door was gave us a really shitty  line of fire, and we essentially HAD to go down to street level to get the last of them put down.

                Ethan and I wandered to the steel gate and assessed the situation.  We sat and watched quietly in the freezing cold morning air as the rows of zombies reached through the metal bars at us ineffectively.  Ethan pointed out how strange it was they didn’t breathe.  I knew they didn’t breathe., but watching their jaws reflexively close and open over and over again without seeing their breath come out was definitely strange.  I guess one upside to the cold weather is that it deadens the smell somewhat.  Now they just smell like cold, stale dead bodies.

                I drew the Kimber and flicked the safety off, and Ethan drew his M9 and did the same.  We took a few steps back up the steps, and started shooting the undead at the rear of the group, one by one.  I really like firing the Kimber.  The 10mm recoil is powerful and satisfying, but not overwhelming.  The weapon is smooth too.  Super well made weapons firing powerful calibers are a wondrous thing.

                I just wish the magazines held more rounds.  No worries.  I rarely fire the pistol in the first place, and if I have to, I will rarely need more than what the weapon holds.  If I do, I’m probably fucked no matter what anyway.  I suspect the Jinx Fairy has reared her ugly head at that point, and shat on my cornflakes.

                Anyhoo!  We plowed through the skulls of the undead pressing against the metal doors Martin made, and just as we were finishing up, we got the radio call that the crew was inbound, and they were pulling up.  They wanted to know what all the gunfire was about…

                I simply replied to them and told them that we’d taken care of the work that they came to do, and that all was well.  We needed more help clearing the bodies out of the way than anything.  In some ways, they were pleased, but in other ways, they were pissed.  No matter how much we say we hate violence, there’s something satisfying about getting into a good fight.  Especially a hugely one sided one.

                Fortunately for all involved, two passes with the HRT and the entire street was cleared out.  I will say that all the noise had to have been heard by the survivors living at those fires we saw the other night though.  When the group arrived I touched base with them and made sure we were pulling extra special guard if only for them.  I wasn’t too worried about the undead presence, I was definitely more concerned with the living.  Yet again the living are my concern.

                Once we felt everything was stable, we moved on to the tasks at hand.  The primary task at MGR before I left was the installation of that stove Ethan and I brought.  Martin and Blake, handy motherfuckers that they are, got the stove placed in an apartment lickety split, and got the hole put in the wall for the stovepipe within about two hours.  Like we’d been doing, we built a backstop and floor out of bricks to catch and reflect the heat as well as prevent the walls from overheating from the stove itself.  They were also kind enough to bring multiple stove loads of wood, which will hopefully get them through a week of slow burn.  They’ve also got a pretty substantial amount of furniture they can burn, which is all spare really.

Mallory was the first person to toss a match onto the paper in the stove, starting a fire that hopefully will stay burning for some time.  Once they were up and running, we left, and returned back here to Bastion.

What’s new here Mr. Journal?  Well for starters, no undead shambling horde at the gates, which is a pleasant change of pace from the last couple of days at MGR. Speaking of which, it definitely feels to me like MGR is our FOB.  You leave the rear here at Bastion and head there for the action.  Maybe I’m silly, but it certainly feels that way.

Anyway, the largest accomplishment while I was gone was the road/path to the last tower construction site being cleared out.  All of the trees are down now, and all that remains for that is to have the last few stumps pulled.  The ground is pretty well frozen by now though, and I guess they aren’t giving up the ghost all that easily.  They should have the stumps up and out by the end of the day tomorrow, and the tower footings in process by the same time. 

I touched base over lunch in Hall B with Michelle.  She said school is going well, but Syl had a bit of a relapse with her violence.  I guess at one point while she was being brought dinner, she kind of snapped on Harold, and charged at him.  She slapped the plate of food away, and made a pretty decent effort at clawing his eyes out.  I guess Abby was there helping him, and she punched Syl up side the head and sent her sprawling on the floor.  They grabbed her hands and feet and held her until she calmed down.  I guess she’s been on edge since then.

She hasn’t really talked at all, nor has she drawn any pictures that illuminate her mental state.  We were hoping that she’d maybe drawn something about her mom and dad, but nothing yet.  Michelle says she’s been very calm and almost affectionate towards her later in the afternoons after school, and if she can stay safe for a few more days, she is thinking about letting her out of the dorm.  So far, her entire life is inside a barred dorm room, and the four or five trips a day to the bathroom down the hall.  Not much to be excited about I suppose, but at least she’s safe, warm, and fed.

Kevin came to the Hall to join us late into the lunch, and as soon as he sat down, I knew something was on his mind.  He was kind enough to let Michelle and I finish our conversation before starting in though.  Michelle must’ve picked up on his intentions, because once she and I were done, she turned to him and said, “you have the floor Kevin.”

Kevin snickered and said something I’ve been waiting to hear for a very long time from either him or Michelle, “we need to figure out what this whole Trinity thing means.”  He went on to talk about how we’d been together for some time, and if we really are meant to be something special, to do something special, then we need to get our acts together, and get cracking.

Michelle and I simply nodded.  He was right.  We hadn’t talked about it hardly at all, and with me being hurt for so long, it kind of got pushed under the carpet.  So many other things that were important took over the stage.  Now things seem fairly sedate, and he’s 100% right, now is the time to start having the “what the hell are we doing” dialogue.

We made a plan to sit down and really, seriously talk about it on the 10th.  All three of our schedules seemed clear for that day, and it made sense to give all of us a day or two to really think about it before sitting down and discussing the whole “saving the world” thing.

In the meantime, after the three of us had that short but important talk, I asked Kevin if he thought we could get a small team together for an outside the wall run to a house about ten miles away to get a woodstove and a few hunting rifles.  One of the houses I saw on the other side was likely still untouched, and I really want to get another wood stove for MGR.  Despite the one stove there already, and thermally sealing off most of the building, it’s just a large space that’s tough to heat, and having two stove running at lower temps will be better than one stove cooking hot all the time.  Not to mention it gives them additional ways to cook, which will cut down on their electricity consumption, which will cut down on their gas consumption.

He said he could easily have a team of six with three vehicles ready to hit the house I told him about by two in the afternoon, and that’s our plan for tomorrow.  Most of the school is staying back to work on the path and the farm and all that shit, but we’re taking six bodies, myself and Kevin included, and we’re getting some rifles, some ammo, and a wood stove from a house.

I feel like we’re going to be very successful.

Fuck you, fairy, I’ve got this one by the balls.






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