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February 22nd, 2012 Tags: 265th entry

February 22nd.

                Is this a fucking leap year?


                I’m sitting here looking at my ghetto style homemade calendar, and I’m pretty sure it might be a leap year this year.  Not that it’ll be the end of the world if I fuck it up, but I want to be a proper scribe, or Scribe, if you prefer.  I think in the admissions office I can check and see.  I don’t trust the calendar on the laptop here.  I’m not sure if it updates without the internet properly.  I’ll let you know what I find out.

                Where was I?  Where were we?

                Scatterbrained tonight something fierce.  Otis has been up in my ass like a bike seat all damn evening since I settled in my room.  He’s smashing his face into me, and rubbing his little wet nose all over the place.  Plus he’s been tossing around this little catnip mouse one of the kids got for him like he’s sky high on meth or something.  Miss my buddy.  Seems like he misses me too.

                Here’s the good news for the day:  Nothing is happening here at Bastion.  Nothing.  Like, nada.  Ollie and Ryan are making serious headway into our food situation on two separate fronts.  Ollie has managed to get one of the cows pregnant, which is HUGE.  Not sure exactly how pregnant the cow is, but if he can get two more knocked up in a jiffy, we’re going to be buried in milk and meat.  Gotta increase our livestock!

                Ryan has managed to get four hydroponics stations built.  He’s fully rehabilitated finally from the sickness that nearly killed a dozen of us, and he’s being super productive.  Each hydro station is about the size of a large freezer.  You know the kind you’d find in a basement?  They don’t require electricity, operating on gravity feed, and they seem awesome.  He’s got them seeded already, and he’s already working on building more.  My sister Becca is tending the hydro units already up and running, and there’s been no drop off in food production.  She’s also organizing planting cycles so we’ll have stuff coming into season year round.  She’s so organized. 

                School is going well.  Syl is really starting to come out of her shell.  She’s managed to join the school two days a week, and working with Blake’s wife Kim one on one.  She’s also talking, and is now able to converse more or less as normal, as long as we don’t bring up her past, or her parents.  She shuts right the fuck down if we do.  Michelle couldn’t be happier.  The other kids and the adults surrounding her have taken her in and made her feel welcomed and wanted, and that’s done a lot for her.  The amount of compassion that child is receiving is stellar.  It’s important that we all learn to be nice to everyone.  If anything she’s teaching us that.

                Here’s the bad news of the day:  Both the Factory as well as Spring Meadows have been receiving what they classify as “above average” contact from the undead.  I think this has very mundane reasons behind it.  Both areas have seen additional foot and vehicle traffic the past few days, and we have been making quite a racket as well.  We went into the city from the Factory the other day, and we spent several days making noise at Meadows as well.  Perfectly legit reasons for increased contact.  Both areas are reporting that the contact is manageable with melee weapons, but the presence was alarming enough to report to us.

                All things considered, I believe we are in the calm before the storm.  I think because we are heading into the city tomorrow to set up the first parking garage as our major lure site, we are getting a basic reprieve here.  It’s my firm belief that we’re going to be absolutely, positively SMASHING shit down the drain tomorrow, and this is the powers that be giving us a few days of easy street to get us rested.

                As I just said, we’re leaving bright and early, crack of dawn style tomorrow to roll into the city edge to the parking garage that was scouted the other day.  We have an insertion plan and everything.  Should be pretty slick if we don’t encounter a mountain of undead there.  If we do, that’s not even the worst thing that could happen.  I mean that’d be a distraction, and we’re all about distractions right now.

                We had a bunch of our younger kids work on splitting wood and loading the deuce up today.  We’re setting up multiple large piles of wood on the top level of the garage in a manner so when one is about to burn out, the second pile next to it should be just getting going.  If it goes well, the fires will burn visibly on the top levels for about six to eight hours.  We’re not sure how long the car alarms will go off for, but we’re betting it’ll be long enough to draw in a fucking absurd amount of undead.  Either way, we’re going to do our best tomorrow to get that garage ready.

                Large team of experienced shooters, multiple vehicles, a good plan…  Should be horrible.  I am not giving that bitch Fairy anything to work with right now.  She can suck my fat cock.

                Headed to bed.  Early morning, and I still need to clean some of my weapons for tomorrow.  Can’t deal with a dirty weapon…






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