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December 22nd, 2011 Tags: 235th entry

December 22nd.

                Well some things have come into focus here since I last had time to write.  Not a ton of things, but a few bits that have made life make a little more sense.

                I forget which day and when.  I think it was the 20th?  Maybe the 19th?  Anyway, we mounted a pretty intense search of the woods in the back of campus to try and find out where what when why and how the fuck that little girl was able to move about so easily.  The first few items discovered were key.  We found a twenty foot length of rope with a small anchor attached to it.  It must’ve been taken from one of the rowboats down on the waterfront.  The anchor and rope combination were being used by the girl as a makeshift grappling hook to get over the rear gate.

                This makes her strange appearance much more sensible you see.  If she scaled the gate, which really isn’t all that much of a feat with some rope, when she dropped down on the outside, her body would literally just “appear” on the camera, as if she materialized.  Two of the guys tested the trick the other night, and it’s spot on.  She could free the rope with a fairly good tug, and she slipped away to stash the rope in that batch of rocks where we found her.

                From there, the team found a path worn through the woods that ran for about three miles.  Littered along the way they found wrappers and boxes of the food we were missing.  They didn’t collect all the trash, but from what Joel and Blake were saying, it was a dead match for what I felt we were missing.  Jenna was very pleased to hear that.  Turns out our own people were not thieves, just some random little girl from the woods.

                So anyhoo, we tracked the string of garbage back to a hunting cabin on a road to nowhere.  It’s apparently an access road that leads to some power lines.  Probably a road used by hunters and the utility people to get into the area where the large power lines are.  They found the cabin, and breached it.

                Inside were the bodies of two adults, one male, one female.  Spread around the corpses were dried up flowers, and pictures of a family that the girl was a member of.  I haven’t visited the cabin yet, but they say the girl is in all the pictures.  Blake said the bodies were mostly skeletal, but still had some juicy bits, which means that cabin was ripe.  He also said that the mother appeared to have bite marks on her, and the father had a large wound to the head that was probably done with an axe or shovel.  Mom looked to have been hit in the head with same weapon.

                I never worked as a CSI, but I’d say somehow dad went ape shit, bit mom, and mom put him down with a garden weasel or something.  That leaves our poor girl twisting in the wind after she has to brain her own fucking mom to stay alive.

                The cabin did not look recently lived in.  There was no available heat, though there was a woodstove (which we will be removing and transporting back here immediately) and there was no food stored there.  It appeared that the girl had been visiting there, like it was some kind of memorial for her parents.  The guys grabbed a few changes of clothes for the girl (which was a waste, because they are all ripped and torn to crap) and they headed out.  At the cabin on exit they engaged two zombies that had shambled into the area.  Drawn by noise or perhaps movement.

                What that tells me is the girl was living here on campus.  I wonder where?  We searched the FUCK out of this place the other day looking for food, and found nothing.  We are planning a search of outlying areas on campus where she might’ve been able to hide a tent or something.  I think she was living inside the walls.  I wonder if we trapped her inside with us when we were building?

                Hard to say.  Operating on some theory here.

                Something that I am also wondering, is that if she is connected to the small groups of undead that we keep finding in random spots on the wall?  Remember the other day Mr. Journal when I had to engage what?  Five at the rear gate?  I wonder if she had made noise outside the wall, and led them back here where they would just stand like dumb shits and wait for her.  We see them first, take them down, and the girl is free to come and go as she pleases again.  It makes a LOT of sense to me.

                I don’t know if it explains the group of undead Abby found near Hall E fully, but if Abby did really see this chick round the corner of the dorm, and saw some undead at the wall at the same spot, then there is a damn good chance the two facts are connected.

                Sigh.  More questions I suppose.

                School is up and running.  Michelle has been preoccupied with dealing with our new guest, and as a result, despite her being in charge of the school, she’s spending less time there than she should.  She’s handed much of the teaching off to the aides, Melissa and Kim.  They’re teaching basics that are age appropriate, and they’ve enlisted the kids in fun teaching activities like cooking, and making bracelets and stuff out of the endless fucking craft supplies here on campus.  I was given three bracelets today, and Melissa told me to expect much more.  I’m wearing all three.  I think it’s important to validate the work these kids did, and frankly, they’re pretty cool.  Very colorful.

                We’ve already begun the work on constructing the towers.  Waiting for a few days was a good idea as it let the wood we’d been cutting down cure and dry.  We were out of the good stuff anyway, and the few days of rest was nice.  Good on the carpenter’s blisters, and it saved some backs from some sore nights.

                We are clear cutting a dirt road/path down to the water front.  We’ll need to yank up  some large rocks in the woods to make it clean and smooth, but the path is a necessity.  We are building a tower that overlooks the lake so we have less of a blindspot there, and we need a path/road to get to the tower easily.  In addition, there is a lot of land that is going to be converted before long to farmland, and we might as well start clearing some of it now.  I’m thinking there will be enough wood to build the tower at the end of the road by the time we clear the way.  Of course, we need a few days for that wood to cure, so giving us a respite from building is a good thing.

                Another problem that will crop up we are now kind of fucked over is the fact that we are not using pressure treated lumber.  These towers won’t last for shit without stain or paint, and now it’s too cold to paint.  It won’t dry, it’ll just fucking freeze.

                Soooo… in our infinite wisdom we may have built towers that are predestined to just fall over in the spring.  If they last until then, we’ll be stoked, and we’ll do something to make the wood last a hell of a lot longer.  Worst case scenario we will rebuild them with salvaged phone poles, which last forever.  They are toxic as fuck to handle though, and I’m sure we’ll be sacrificing some kind of health to do that.

                Breaking eggs to make omelets and such.

                Not much else.  Undead traffic at campus has been nil, and that’s nice.  Since we took our guest into custody there have been no zombies at strange points on the wall, and there have been no accounts of missing food, or strange phantoms on the video feeds.

                All seems to have settled.  Famous last words…

                Oh, and I forgot.  In the cabin on the dead bodies as well as on the tables the guys found some personal information.  The parents were Aaron and Charlene Shorey, and the girl we currently have in Hall C, periodically trying to bite everyone that comes near her is named Syliva.

                Now if we can just get her to remember her name, and act like the girl she was before the world took her parents from her…

                I think I’m going to saddle up for some outside the wall runs.  I need the adrenaline rush, and I need to shake the case of the pussies I’ve come down with.  The only reason we aren’t talking about a dead girl is because I didn’t have the balls to pull the trigger when I had her dead to rights.  I guess sometimes I’m lucky.  On a normal night, that kid would’ve been stitched head to toe with 5.56 and I’d be drinking myself into oblivion trying to stop hating myself for having done it.

                I’ve got a strange kind of luck.






December 1st, 2011 Tags: 225th entry

 December 1st.

                I’m so frigging beat Mr. Journal.  I’ve been super active the past few days, and my body is feeling it.  Even though I haven’t been doing anything heavy duty, my muscles are such mush now, just walking around has been a challenge for me.  At the end of pretty much every single day lately, I feel closer to mashed potatoes, than human.

                It sucks.  I am seriously thinking it’ll be another week before I am anywhere close to being back to anything resembling normal for me.  But, even though I say that here, I did get to fire my weapon the other day, and despite it being kind of fucked up for me, looking back on it now, I’m very glad it happened.

                Melissa is doing very well.  She’s recovering from the surgery admirably, and despite being very sore, and having a little bit of bleeding after the birth, she’s doing terrific.  Ollie is doing great as well.  Little Martha screams like there is no tomorrow.  Ollie is still smiling, but Blake and Kim are pulling their hair out.  Their little guy was just starting to sleep good at night, and now Martha is fucking that all up.  Hopefully she settles down and starts sleeping better.  I just got back from visiting them in Hall B, so that news is fresh. 

                The day after Martha was born I grabbed Jenna to lend me a hand with the food inventory in the cafeteria.  I think I mentioned that we’ve been using it as a central repository for the entire campus for large supplies, and I really wanted to take a day or two and get a much closer idea of where we were in terms of supplies for the upcoming winter.  I am pleased to say, we have quite a bit of vegetable stores still on hand, but we are missing a rather alarming amount of “good stuff.”

                What’s good stuff you ask Mr. Journal?  Well, pretty much anything sugary, or canned and is marginally healthy for you.  Ravioli, canned spaghetti, etc.  We’re also missing multiple boxes of candy bars as well as snack cakes, fruit roll up thingies, gummy fruity thingies, and all other manner of less than healthy, but thoroughly delicious foods.

                It’s so clearly been cherry picked that both Jenna and I came to a pretty universal conclusion that someone with a sweet tooth has been taking what they want on the sly.  Either they are sneaking in somehow when the door is unlocked, or they have access with a key, and they’re simply helping themselves as they see fit.  I was not frigging pleased.  I like candy bars.  I love cupcakes.  Which prick out there is eating our good snacks?

                Oh, and did I mention we’re missing somewhere around 30 or 40 cans of soda?  Where the hell did that shit go?  Soda quite literally doesn’t grow on trees, and replacing it is pretty frigging dangerous.  This is very greedy, and borderline reckless.  This is the kind of dilemma that makes me wonder where do we draw the line?  I’m sitting here wondering to myself that if I find the asshat stealing food from us, are we within our rights to line them up against a wall and put one in the back of their heads?

                That lack of food might mean someone starves in the next four or five months.  I’m seriously debating in the back of my head that we need to make an example out of this person.  Assuming we can even pin the tail on the fucktard.  I asked Jenna to search campus for folks who have porked up, and she found no one.  Everyone is holding on pretty much to the same weight.  Of course that tells me that whoever is stealing the food is not eating it, they’re simply hoarding it somewhere.  Maybe someone is planning on leaving?

                Hm.  Disturbing thought there.  I wonder if someone is planning on leaving here with a giant truck filled with all our most delicious foods. 

                Ooooh… that gets my shit ALL riled up.  Makes me want to punch babies, and god save me, we have babies here to punch now. 

                Funny how small a thing can disrupt life now.  I’m pissed over missing Root Beer and cookies.  Ready to put barrel to forehead with the intent to kill…

                I need to reevaluate this.  Murder can’t be the solution, even to prove a point.  I can see something dangerous like if someone were to kill one of us, that would be worth killing over I think.  But stealing food…  Nope, not yet.  I’m not that angry, or that desperate.


                Andy arrived late this morning with a small enjoy of folks from the Factory.  That marked the first time they’d ever visited here, and they were suitably impressed.  Mike and Patty gave them the nickel tour, and showed them the basic layout of the place but didn’t give them a huge intel filled tour.  On the outside chance they are devious, dastardly people, we didn’t want them knowing where all the honey holes were here.  Give them no idea where the big folks sleep at night, or where we store our food or guns, or gasoline.

                None of us had the impression they were scouting.  Andy did a pretty thorough security screening for us though, and marked a few spots where we NEEDED cameras.  (according to his fears, I’d imagine)  Of course he also said we could move the cameras as needed.

                Apparently he can set them up to be powered with solar cells, and or rechargeable batteries that we’ll need to swap out every so often.  Nothing much for maintenance.  The toughest part of all of this is actually coming up with the gear.  Where are we going to find all the necessary cameras and wiring, and batteries, etc?

                Andy said our two best bets were the municipal station, and the grocery store.  Large retailers have tons of cameras, and he can just yank them if we can supply him with some security while he’s doing it.  We can also check the pharmacy, and possibly even the atm machines and banks.  We’re planning on doing that within days so we can get that ball rolling.

                Most of our labor force has been directed towards building the guard towers inside the wall.  We spent an entire day cutting down trees and getting fresh lumber made up, and right now the same labor force is working on getting it all cut to size, and put upright.  So far so good.  No injuries of note, and we’ve got one tower just about up and ready to go.  They are about three stories tall, and right now only have a ladder for getting to the top, but we’ll be putting stairs and doors on them for faster ascension in the event of an attack on us.  Too hard to carry a box of .223 up the ladder while carrying a SAW.

                What else?  Seems like there should be way more to talk about.  I’ve been nose deep in this food inventory thing as well as following Andy around.  I like the guy, but let’s be honest, letting anyone into your home turf is nerve wracking.  I just hope he’s on the level with us.  I also hope he hasn’t been reached out to by the forces arrayed against us.  That’d suck balls.

                Did I mention I was super tired?  We’re going to do a more thorough search of outlying buildings in a day or two to try and find where this food is being stashed.  Despite us still bringing down the occasional deer and turkey, losing all the processed yummies will be a real bitch as we move along.  If only for the kids who want a nice sweet snack.  I also asked Jenna in the next few days to try and get an assessment of our needs for clothing and bedding as we move into winter.  We’re carrying thirteen extra bodies, and even though I know they brought stuff, I want to make sure everyone has blankets and jackets and whatnot. 

Headed to bed for the moment.  I’m hoping all of the irons in our collective fires develop well.  It’d suck balls if it didn’t.

If you’re listening Jinx Fairy… go fuck yourself.






November 8th, 2011 Tags: 215th entry


November 8th.

                I have a headache.  It is sitting right below my eyes like I’ve got a pair of knitting needles pressing against my cheekbones.  It hurts so bad, and I’ve already taken some Tylenol, and it hasn’t done anything at all for the pain.

                Having taken a large amount of medication already, I am leaning towards the idea that this headache might be caused by stress, and worry, and fear.  Dad don’t worry, it won’t kill me.  It might drive me up a wall before the night is out, but I will be alive up that wall, complaining about things going on in the world.  Or more accurately, complaining about things going on here at school.

                And let me tell you dad, there are a lot of things still going on here.  Whoever came up with the saying “no rest for the wicked” had that crap on lock down.  They knew what was up.  I’m saying we’re wicked as well.  We are clearly not the kind of people that should make it to heaven, if heaven even exists anymore. 

                Gavin’s tower was attacked again, though it was a half hearted attack by a group of people smaller than the first time.  Hector and Angela saw them coming because they’ve been posting much more attentive guard, and as soon as Angela recognized the car from the first attack, she started shooting.  Angela is a damn good shot, and I guess within a minute or two of her putting bullets into the windshield of the first car coming their way, they stopped, bailed out of the car bleeding, and left in the second car they brought.

                Angela said she saw two men get up and leave in the rear car.  About five minutes after they left, she saw two more men get out of the first car too, but they were dead, and she had to shoot them in the head.  I guess her first few shots weren’t head shots.  Can’t all be winners.

                Unlike last time Hector radioed us to let us know they were under attack, and we all got ready to go to their aid if things got even slightly hairy.  We would’ve had to kill a few undead at the gate to get out, but it could’ve been achieved fairly quickly if push came to shove.  We weren’t about to wait a moment longer than we needed to if they needed help.

                No one has any good theories on who the hell these random pricks are.  If they were locals, I’d imagine we would have come across them before now.  We’re also not sure how they found the tower, and decided to attack it.  We’ve got tons of theories, but no proof or evidence for anything.  I’m wondering if they simply saw the lights on the top floor some night, and were desperate enough to make a run at it.  Food is certainly getting short out there, and with the cold weather coming in hard right now, I’d imagine a lot of people are in the whole “oh sweet Britney Spears, what do I do?”  I’m really scared to think of other reasons why a small group of survivors would suddenly make a big rush at us. 

                Desperation is a scary thing.  It’ll make people do a lot of things they wouldn’t otherwise.

                It’s been quiet since then down there.  Not as quiet here, though for different reasons.

                Lindsey has been going loopy since yesterday after the tower attack, which was right before dinner.  We were sitting at the dinner table in Hall B, where I’ve been eating lately, and Melissa gets this funny face like she’s choking on something.  Since Ollie’s dad died Ollie has been sort of out of it, staring off into space, but when he looked over at her, he immediately turned to her and put his hand on her huge ass belly.  Somehow he knew.

                It was Melissa’s first contraction.  I guess that’s the sign she’s about to pop.  She’s had a couple more since then, but they’ve been spaced out over large blocks of hours, which I also guess is normal.  Having never been knocked up before, I can’t attest to the accuracy of Lindsey’s pregnancy assertions, but I’d wager she’s more educated than I am.  Doesn’t take much to know more than someone who doesn’t know anything.

                Melissa took it all in stride, as did Ollie.  I’m starting to think Ollie’s time as a farm boy will be a huge asset when his woman spits his kid out.  I’m betting Ollie has been around more than one birthing, and as different as a calf being born might seem, I’m wager that he has some pretty applicable skills.  Like not freaking out for one.  Lindsey is laying eggs wherever she goes over this.

                I do believe, verily so, that she’s also super worried about Adrian.  He’s still pretty much unchanged, smiles now and then and all, and that if something happens to him while we’re doing Melissa’s labor, she’s probably worried we’ll lose something, or someone.  Not sure though, that’s me just speculating.

                Some of the kids here at school have started to argue and fight a lot, and it has taken one or two adults out of the work schedule to keep a better eye on them.  We’re doing the best we can to keep them sort of out of the loop on the danger we seem to be in, but there are conversations happening everywhere, and it’s not like they haven’t seen us carry loads of bodies to the back of campus to staff housing lately.  They aren’t stupid, and I’m sure the stress of this is getting to them. 

                It’s scary to watch a kid freak out.  I’m starting to see and feel how you and mom were when Randy threw one of his tantrums when he was pissed at something or someone.  It’s hard to watch a kid struggle with life, especially when you want so badly for them to be happy, and successful.  You want them to feel safe, and protected, and loved, and sometimes when you can’t give that to them, it’s heartbreaking.  Tough stuff.  I need to give you and mom far more credit. 

                What else?  Oh yeah.  The big one.  So remember how I said I was talking about how Mallory had been different lately?  How she’d been spending less and less time by Adrian’s side, and out and about doing stuff.  Despite being a bit of a social outcast, I’m super nosy, and frequently I can’t stay out of interesting business, so this morning when she was making a small breakfast for herself downstairs here in Hall E, I turned to her and just asked her how she was doing.

                She thought about it, and said she was okay.  I called her bluff and said I thought she might be doing sort of crappy, and I was wondering how she felt about Adrian, and if it was getting to her and all that.  I actually said a lot more than that, but I really don’t feel like writing it all down because I’m tired, and most of what I’d write is girl talk.  You know, the kind of meaningless banter you exchange while you’re warming the conversation up for the good stuff.  There might be a few feelings involved too.  You heard mom and I exchange quite a bit of it I’d imagine dad.

                Needless to say after my skilled manipulation, we sat down for some scrambled eggs and pancakes and some of our dwindling supply of orange juice, and she shared something that I found a little surprising.  Well, she didn’t share so much as she talked and thought out loud and I listened.

                She isn’t sure she loves Adrian.  In fact, after listening to her, I’m pretty sure she doesn’t.  She also doesn’t want to sit here trying to be the good girlfriend to make his family feel better knowing that soon after he wakes up, she’ll probably be wanting to talk to him about ending their relationship.  The sex is good, and he’s a good guy, but he’s intense, and busy, and we all know that he will be putting himself into harm’s way on a regular basis, and that’s a LOT to have on your plate.  I know I struggled with the danger Gavin put himself in, and he had NOTHING on what Adrian does on a regular basis.  Mallory’s stress must be crazy.

                Add in the whole “dreaming of the dead” and “possible savior of mankind” and “target of pure evil” stuff, and the guy is practically undateable.  Granted, he’s good looking, smart, in great shape, loyal, funny, and one of the few men left in the world (biggest selling point for him frankly), but that’s a lot of baggage to carry despite all the good things he puts on the table.

                I can’t blame her.  God help me dad for kind of agreeing with her, but I can see where she is coming from.  She’s cool, and I think they are a decent enough couple, but I think being with him scares her, and keeps her awake late.  I mean hell dad, when he’s not out there killing and almost being killed, he sits on this damn laptop writing for hours and hours updating it on our activities regularly.  It’s a strange life to lead being his woman.

                I didn’t have good advice for her.  I stuck by Gavin, and dealt with it, and it got me a dead boyfriend, and more heartbreak than I can describe.  She can’t put her foot down to Adrian though.  She can’t say choose me.  He is quite literally a man on a mission, and I know if she gives him an ultimatum, she’ll be the one that gets the door, not doing what he does for all of us.  He will almost always look at the greater good.  He’s consistent like that.

                I think when we left the conversation off this morning she was trying to figure out if it would be better to “dump” him while he was still out, and talk to his family about it, or just wait until he wakes up and tell him in person.

                The choice could be very important in the long run.  We’ll see I guess.

                A team of folks is headed to the gas stations in the next day or so to see if we can put together what happened with the explosions.  I’m betting it was the people who attacked the towers.





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