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Sprechen sie deutsche? Tags: To Germany and beyond!

I am pleased, stoked excited, and jazzed to finally announce that Voodoo Press has purchased the German language rights to the entire eight book Adrian's Undead Diary series.

The good folks over at Voodoo will be translating the mammoth works into German for distribution all over the world to German speakers and readers.

Their hope is to get book one into stores in the German speaking market by year's end or in the first few months of 2015.

If you can, please head over and thank them for their committment to building the AUD legacy, and for helping me in my journey as a writer.

Hell yeah!


Writing, and a need to plan for the future Tags: Thomas and Adrian the future of AUD

So I'm on vacation this week.  No work for Chris.  What that really means, is I don't go into my full time day job, and instead, I put 55 hours into writing, editing, and attempting to promote the work I do.

I enjoy doing all those things, so it doesn't feel like work.  In fact, writing this blog entry feels more like work that writing the stories does, which is a good sign.

My plan for today is to start writing The Last Plane out of Kandahar.  If it's a good day, I might even finish the thing, but I doubt it.  TR stories seem to get larger than I expect them to, which is a good sign for the character, and the story.

Thomas and his group are leaving Afghanistan, and are heading to Europe to head closer to home.  This changes the scope of the Thomas Ring series dramatically.  Europe is a LOT different than Afghanistan, and writing the apocalypse in Germany will be a completely different story.

This scares me, as well as excites me.  It also means that the TR saga will be a little more fleshed out.  Some extra characters will need to appear here and there, and his world will become... larger.  It also means that some sections of his story will seem slower, so that elemtn of storytelling can happen.

Please keep that in mind as the tempo of Thomas' stories changes now and again.  But enough of that.  I need to write the story.

I hope you all are as excited to keep reading my words set in Adrian's world, and I hope that the future of AUD is everything you've gotten your hopes up for.

Now, I write about Adrian's brother.


March 19th, 2012 Tags: 272nd and final entry

March 19th.

                Remember me? 






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