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On October 31st, 2013 AUD made the jump from this website to the printed page.  AUD has always existed on the Kindle, but now, edited, revised, and in book form, you can own the proper AUD experience.  We prefer that our readers search out books from retailers, rather than buy direct.  it supports two businesses instead of one, and helps to promote the AUD universe as a whole.  Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and any brick and mortar local store can order AUD, and if they don't have it on the shelf, ask them for it.

Here's a full page of where you can pick up the books:

AUD Zombie in a Swing bumper/water bottle sticker



    The AUD Zombie in a Swing



    You've read about him, now you can own the poor, dumb bastard.  These vinyl bumper stickers are made with removable adhesive and measure 3.75" by 7.5"  They appear as the art does, with black silk screen text and images on a white background.


    You can get them in two ways!  One at a time, or in a three pack to share the love.


    AUD Zombie in a Swing bumper sticker   $4.00 

    Add to Cart


    AUD Zombie in a Swing sticker (3 pack)   $10.00 

    Add to Cart


Undead is Not an Option

Undead is Not an Option is an anthology produced by The Zombie Survival Crew.  AUD's first entry is featured in this book, representing the first time AUD has been seen in a book, in print.  Obviously this is a fairly special book for that reason alone, but it also contains multiple other stories by many other authors.

Contributors include:  Tasmin Bowerman, Jim Bronyaur, Neil Brown Jr., EC, Jessica Capelle, Natalie Cutrufello, Anthony Guajardo, Andrew Jack, Gary James, Maria Kelly, Samantha Lahue, Sonya May, RC Murphy, Chris Philbrook, IronE Singleton, Wendy Sparrow, Kelene Toups and Austin Wulf.

(you may recognize some of these names from the cast of AMC's The Walking Dead)

Undead is Not an Option has a regular cover price of $11.95


The Hell Gauge Sticker




    The Hell Gauge Sticker


    Designed by Chris, with art by Derek Ring, you're staring at the raw sexiness of the Hell Gauge sticker.  Every order over $20 here in the School Store comes with one of these bad boys for free, but if you want to snag some for your own personal usage...  You certainly can.

    The Gauge sticker is a 2.5" round gloss paper label on a paper liner. They're perforated between them, thus making them pretty sweet gifts.  Slap one on your school binder, your laptop, your car, your pet dog, your water bottle, your front door, Christmas presents, your junk, or other clever places not listed here.

    Three of them will come in an envelop, or included in your order of other merchandise.  If you'd like to send a few bucks our way, and snag some of these, choose wisely below.


    The Hell Gauge Sticker Three Pack ($4.00):  Add to Cart



    The Hell Gauge Sticker Nine Pack ($9.00):    Add to Cart

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