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Facebook, The Zombie Apocalypse

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Favorite Music
Almost all kinds.

Favorite Movies
Shaun of the Dead, Urban Cowboy & The Notebook. Weird combo, I know!

Favorite Books
Too many to list. I will admit that I love reading trashy historical romance novels.

Favorite Quotations
Shit Happens.

General About Me
I never know what to write here. Married, Mom to 2 girls who are too much like me.I'd like to think I'm funny, calm in crisis, and sometimes too sarcastic for my own good. I swear too much, have more common sense than book smarts and I get distracted eas..........

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Mar 26th 2014

Hey there Caretames! Yes it has been a long while, how have you been? :)

Mar 11th 2013

Caretames, dropping by and saying hello and wondering how you are doing:)

Jun 30th 2012

Hola caretames!   Just wanted to drop in and say hello!

Jun 29th 2012

Hello caretames1! :) Nice hearing from you! :) I am now hearing that it wasn't bath salts , I posted an article link at AUD forums, scroll down the page, click on link and check it out :)

I am also hearing more attack cases and they are all over and they are not saying they are all under bath salts so idk, we will see?? 

Yay another trip to Florida, sounds like fun!!! I bet everyone is excited! :) I hope you all have a fun and safe trip! 

May 25th 2012

Hey there caretames! How's it going? I thought this picture was funny, hope you get a laugh out of it! Have a great Holiday weekend & summer!

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