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I own the joint.

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Zombies, various sports, good and bad movies, but not bad television. I read a lot, write a fair amount, and love to travel the world.

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Currently rocking out to: Alt-J, South Central, Porter Robinson, The Lumineers, and AWOLNation

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All things Romero. Plus a LOT more. I watch a lot of movies. I review them too, in the forums here.

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Big fan of the Games Workshop/Black Library novels, but also King's works, World War Z obviously, The Song of Ice and Fire, and a slew of other books. I've read thousands.

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It is better to light the candle, than curse the darkness.

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I am Chris, the creator of Adrian's Undead Diary & Elmoryn, and author of the all the entries and short stories you've hopefully read here. I am attempting to be the co-administrator here too, though it's not my strong suit. Bear with me for my failings in both endeavors. If you have any questions, please post them to the forums, and I'll try and get back to you as soon as possible. Member, New England Horror Writers Association, and The Horror Writers Association.

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I own the joint.

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Aug 21st 2015

DOOD! First of all, big love for all the entertainment. The diary is the SHIT! I have listened to every audio book and I found that I still need more. So I see this premium content story about Thomas Ring, the Navy SEAL, and I say to myself, "Self." "You need to get that... now!" I retired from the Navy in 93 as a Chief Gunners Mate, and found it tempting.

I go through the rigamaroll and pay my dues, and since I work graveyards and can't sleep, (been a police officer since my "retirement") I try to read the premium content and find I don't have permission yet. FUCK! Or, better yet, WHAT THE FUCK? 

Anywho.... waisted anger... I'll try again tommorrow.


Aug 8th 2015

Chris I just wanted to say, Thank you for AUD. I just got 1-4 on audio book I love it, Do you  have any plans to write more in Adrian's world?

May 2nd 2015

Love your books. I would just like to let you know that I just subscribed so that you can change my permissions as soon as possible so I can go back to reading.

Mar 26th 2015
Great stuff - love team vagina!
Feb 17th 2015

hahaha Snowpocalypse 2015 that's a good one Chris! I hope all is well with you with all this snow!!! Stay safe and warm! It's one crazy winter! :)