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I own the joint.

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Zombies, various sports, good and bad movies, but not bad television. I read a lot, write a fair amount, and love to travel the world.

Favorite Music
Currently rocking out to: Alt-J, South Central, Porter Robinson, The Lumineers, and AWOLNation

Favorite Movies
All things Romero. Plus a LOT more. I watch a lot of movies. I review them too, in the forums here.

Favorite Books
Big fan of the Games Workshop/Black Library novels, but also King's works, World War Z obviously, The Song of Ice and Fire, and a slew of other books. I've read thousands.

Favorite Quotations
It is better to light the candle, than curse the darkness.

General About Me
I am Chris, the creator of Adrian's Undead Diary & Elmoryn, and author of the all the entries and short stories you've hopefully read here. I am attempting to be the co-administrator here too, though it's not my strong suit. Bear with me for my failings in both endeavors. If you have any questions, please post them to the forums, and I'll try and get back to you as soon as possible. Member, New England Horror Writers Association, and The Horror Writers Association.

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I own the joint.

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Mar 26th
Great stuff - love team vagina!
Feb 17th

hahaha Snowpocalypse 2015 that's a good one Chris! I hope all is well with you with all this snow!!! Stay safe and warm! It's one crazy winter! :)

Dec 15th
Hi, Chris, I had subscribe through credit card, can you update my profile for me please? Thank you
Nov 21st
Hey chris I paid for a subscription some time yesterday and haven't gotten it yet. Can you please check on that. Dying to keep reading.
Sep 19th


Jul 24th

Hi Chris,

It has been 18 hours since I subscribed to the premium service however still cannot access the next AUD content.

Please can you upgrade my account ASAP?



Mar 26th 2014

Hi Chris!! How have you been? 

Jan 3rd 2014

Hey Chris I have a very dumb question, Where the heck do I sign up for a subscription. I feel like a dork!!!

Nov 5th 2013

Hey Chris I am on my Umteenth million reread of this fantastic story and I have a little input on who I see in my head (as screwed up as it is, lol) how I see Adrian. I wonder what you think, I see him as Jeffrey Dean Morgan. I know he is a bit old for the part but I think he would make a great Adrian. Just my two cents, I would like to hear what you think, please and thank you.


Oct 7th 2013

Hey!  I wanted to thank you for AUD.  It's an awesome story and your skills as a storyteller are amazing.  I hope you will consider continuing Adrians story.  I'd love to hear more about rebuilding society.  Your characters are compelling enough that I know people would love to read more about them.

Again, thank you.  And I wish you the very best.

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