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How did you hear about us? Please be specific. If Facebook, where on Facebook?
My friend posted the link to the story mode and said how enthralling it was, he couldn't stop reading. Then as I started reading, I was so engulfed I couldn't go back to FB and comment on it.

Shit. Like art and music, not that anyone here is reading this.

Favorite Music
Are you still reading this? Heavy metal.

Favorite Movies
Do you read everything you see on the internet? The count of favourites here will become un-interesting I daresay. Still: Rocknrolla, Snatch and Transformers.

Favorite Books
I don't read books much. Hence the reason I am here, I don't need to hold a book and have a stiff neck.

Favorite Quotations
Still reading? Wow. Umm... "On the other hand, I have 5 fingers." - Will Ferrell

General About Me
"Att-eeeeen-sion! You are addressing General About Me Williams! Drop a stink about my name and I set you on an adventure looking for land mines! With a hammer!"

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