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About Me
I love weapons, swords, bow & arrow, daggers, knives, etc...you know, the warrior kind lol

Favorite Music
I like a wide variety of music, but if I had to pick only one kind, or what would be on the top of the list, it would have to be rock

Favorite Movies
Some Scary, Monster Movies, even if its a low budget flick or not that good, because some of them can be so damn funny, but there is some horror movies I do not like.
Also Action Movies and anything to do with battle ... you know, the warrior kind, but of course! :)
These being my favorite:

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Jan 13th 2014

Hey Warrior! Long time and stuff... :) I hope all is well with you!

Jul 23rd 2013

Thanks, my friend!  I appreciate it and definitely will let you know   :-)

Jul 21st 2013

Hey my friend!
Apologies for taking so long to get back with you  :-)
Things and life have been decent and I can't really complain. At least not yet.

About to wrap up Zombie bytes. Finally! After two years, right?  I think a few more chapters and I will be done. Then its off to do at least a re-edit to make sure it flows and catch any mistakes. I have a friend mocking up a cover and who knows, I may try to get it published somehow.

Other than that... not much to report on.
Take care and stay in touch.


Jul 18th 2013
Hope yor having a great summer chat soon
Jun 2nd 2013

HI Warrior! Thanks for the drop-by! I'm good, had a rough winter/spring. I know I'm missing AUD, but just got a taste of Chris's new project Tesser and it's looks pretty good.

I hope everything's great with you!

Apr 30th 2013
Hey warrior happy spring
Apr 6th 2013
Hey Warrior! So I totally meant to reply to you way back when you messaged, but I got distracted and I've been pretty busy with work and stuff, but I'm doing pretty good, nottoo much else going on. Just waiting for spring to finally arrive, seems like we get a little taste and then it starts to snow again! How about you? Anything new and exciting at all?
Apr 3rd 2013

Hey Warrior! Just got back from Hawaii a few days ago, and it was AMAZING of course! Went to the big island, the best place in the world for a geologist who studies volcanoes! Spent one whole day hiking around Volcanoes National Park (and stayed through the evening to see the lava glow from the crater in Kilauea), drove from sea level to 13,000 ft up Mauna Kea, visited several gorgeous beaches, and on and on!! I just loved it, and will have to go back soon to do all the things I didn't have time for. 

The cackling kitty video is hilarious! I have had a few cats that make that kind of sound when they see birds, but not as their "regular" meow! Too funny.

Well girl, what's new in your world?  Hope all is well, take care, and talk to you soon!



Mar 12th 2013
Hey Warrior! Great to here from you, miss you ! Been real busy, work is crazy busy(rains it pours) . Just got back from Ireland ,went for a wedding,by myself met up with family haven't seen in 25 years ,I'm scheduled for a liver replacement soon! Kids are great , lax is starting now , and my daughters dance won Midwest champion and going to nationals in July. Proud dad!!!!! Can't wait for spring working on lake all winter at night was cold. Hope all is well with you try to check in soon and chat . Talk soon
Mar 11th 2013

Hi sweetie! Has been a long time.  Back in school myself, working on a PhD now.  Grad school is crazy, but spring break is in 2 weeks, and I'm going on a much deserved vacation to HAWAII!!! I've always wanted to go, and I'm finally doing it.  Cannot wait! As you might guess since I'm a geologist, I love volcanoes, so this will be amazing.  How are you?  Are you reading Chris' new series?  I'll have to check it out if I ever get the time!  Good to hear from you, take care! 



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