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my ex girlfriend

Here For

shooting, hunting, camping, motocross, drinking, just chillin

Favorite Music
kottonmouth kings, insane clown posse, slipknot, f.f.d.p, the grouch, mackelmore, talib kweli

Favorite Movies
boondock saints, heat, the town, godfather, zombie flicks (decent budget ones, cant stand cheap special fx) collateral. any movie where the actor playing a soldier actually got some training from soldiers (basically michael mann films)

Favorite Books
The Art Of Deception- Kevin Mitnick, Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas- (an American Hero) Hunter S. Thompson, The Turner Diaries (bullshit political ideology aside it is a damn good story)

Favorite Quotations
"Some people are alive simply because it is illegal to kill them" - Anonymous contributor to one of my criminal law textbooks. "I live day by day not givin a fuck and when they ask me why, i pause for a minuet and the reply, because life is a bitch and then you die"- Mac Dre

General About Me
i try to shoot at least once a week (yes it gets expensive) iam a college student who is eagerly awaiting to join the military

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