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501st Legion forums boards @ www.501st.com

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Reading, writing, travel, history, zomibes, Star Wars, World War II, 501st Legion, costuming.

Favorite Music
Evanescence, Kid Rock, Garth Brooks, Nickleback, Saliva, Korn, White Zombie and any 80's music.

Favorite Movies
Saving Private Ryan, Zombieland, Star Wars, Die Hard movies, The Transporter series, Underworld, Transformers, Blade..just to name a few.

Favorite Books
Dean Koontz, Karen Travis, Patricia Briggs, Zombie Bytes

Favorite Quotations
"Well, FMR." Sarah Eichman, zombie survivor.

General About Me
Married. Proud father. Loyal member of the 501st Legion. Part time writer when I have time. Also, I get to legally tell the police where to go and I get paid to do it!

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Jul 23rd 2013

Hey there Loco! :) Glad you are wrapping up on Zombie bytes! That would be awesome if you do get it published, let me know if you do! :) Good for you! 

Mar 11th 2013

Hi there Loco, its been awhile since we had chatted. Hope all is good for you and you're keeping busy! ;) Drop me a line & let me know what you have been up to :) 

Oct 27th 2012

Hi, I went to the pumpkin spectacular this year, where they do some awesome carvings, it was really good this year, I seen these and thought that you would like them since you are into Starwars :) Have a nice autumn!

Jun 20th 2012

Hey Loco, sounds exciting!! Let us know how the trip goes and of course share you pix with us! :) I seen this today and of course thought of you, lol

Jun 3rd 2012

Have a nice relaxing summer! lol Every time I see a stormtrooper I picture you lol

May 24th 2012

Hey there loco, did you get a chance to see the eclipse? Was you working that night? Was it a busy night at work, any zombies out? lol Take care and have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend! :)

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