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August 30th Tags: 186th entry

August 30th.

                I hate my life. 

                I mean, I really hate my life.  Sometimes I sit back and think this is all just one giant karmic fucking joke.  I never thought I was that bad an asshole, I just can’t see why the powers that be want to cornhole me on a regular basis.

                Our wall… took a beating.  We’ve got something along the lines of maybe 30% of entirely ripped apart by the rain and wind.  It’ll take us a week to get the motherfucker put back together.  Our design heavily overlooked the idea of gale force winds and downpours lasting more than 12 hours. 

                This will suck balls.  As I said before, we can’t just grab the backhoe and scoop all the earth up, it’s largely washed away, and spread out over a fifty foot distance, making a giant fucking mess out of the area nearby.  We’ve been working steadily since the storm abated this morning trying to get the wood back upright, packed down enough so it won’t wash away again, and attempting to shovel the dirt back into the holes, and back into berm shape.  We really fucking need grass to hold the earth down.  Not only grass, but maybe some shrubs, or even vegetable plants.  We had no root systems to shore up the earth berm, and now we’re paying the fucking price.

                Upside:  there are trees down the entire length of Auburn Lake Road, so there’s damn little chance we are going to be attacked any time soon. I’m more than happy to venture a guess and say that the rest of town is just as fucked up as we are here, so that means the Outsiders should be bent over as well.  I guess I should celebrate that.   I’m more worried about who will dig out first, and get mobile first. 

                Mike maintained hourly radio contact with us as the storm passed through.  He kept us in the know on what was happening downtown, and as his play by play developed, it became clear downtown also took a beating.  Fortunately, there was no lightning during the entire duration of the storm, so we had no fires to contend with, but the flooding washed out a lot of dirt and road areas I’m sure, and the wind took down a LOT of trees.  We’ll be clearing out trees for some time as we move through the areas near MGR. 

                It could be a few days before we get to MGR to restock them, but thankfully we’ve got their stock on hand for food and water up to about ten days, give or take.  We have some time to play with. I’m just hopeful they aren’t visited by the Outsiders while we’re still dealing with our bullshit here.

                Alright so earlier today after checking the length of Auburn Lake Road on foot, we decided getting trapped on campus and fixing the damn wall was a better idea than cutting all the trees away, opening up the passage, and then having only a heavily damaged wall to protect ourselves.

                After the meager progress we made today, it might even take us more than a week to get the wall reassembled where it took the hits.  Morale is a bitch right now.  We had a huge uptick in smiles and happiness when we finished the main wall, and now we’re right back where we were.  It’s like a massive, campus wide kick in the fucking balls.  Even the women here are clutching their testicles.  It’s a sad day.

                I’m exhausted.  As it turns out shovels are not a thing we have a lot of.  We were using aluminum and plastic snow shovels, and those don’t last, if you didn’t know Mr. Journal.  They’re great for snow, but shit for gravel and stones.  The aluminum ones especially.

                I sent some of the guys out to retrieve shovels, and after a few hours of searching, they came back with three new garden shovels.



                The said it was just too slow moving on foot and too few houses out this way that we’ve already hit hard for loot.  I mean that does make complete sense, it was just one more thing to piss me off.  Been pissed off a lot lately.

                Campus structures took a minor asswhipping too, but not that bad.  Some shutters ripped off windows, some trees blown down, branches everywhere, etc.  I think we had three windows broken in various dorms, and luckily we have a large supply of spares here, so that won’t be an issue for quite some time.  Yay for the little things.

                A few extra days of healing trapped in the clinic has done Caleb good.  He’s much more mobile now, as I predicted, and as of this evening, he and the family are now fully moved into the third floor apartments we set up for them.  I feel MUCH better having them under the same roof.  I don’t know where our fire starter is, but knowing it’ll be that much harder for them to hurt my loved ones makes me feel better.  Hopefully I sleep better tonight as a result.

                I’ll sleep better tonight too because I’m fucking dead.  Every part of me is sore.  I’ve got blisters on my hands from shoveling the size of quarters.  If I had to masturbate to save my life I’d just shoot myself and cut to the chase.  Faster death that way.

                Yeah just fucking dead.  I don’t even know what to say, or where to begin really.  This just blows.  We’re gonna be cutting down trees and shoveling dirt for days to get out from under this bitch.

                Nothing to report Mr. Journal.





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