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December 19th, 2011 Tags: 234th entry

December 19th.

                My heart has never pounded so hard. 

                I can’t go into tremendous detail right now, because I am fucking exhausted, but last night we made contact with, and apprehended the wraith on the video.  Despite all the fucking weirdness, and visual shenanigans, it was just a young girl.  12 or 13 at most.

                She’s dirty, skinny, and straight up feral.  I left Hall C where we are keeping her about an hour ago.  Michelle is sitting with her.  She tried to bite a few of us, and was held as a result.  We’re trying to keep her safe.  Michelle wants to try and rehabilitate her, and I’m all for it.  I don’t know what the sense is though.  I mean shit, we’ll give it a few weeks, and if she isn’t better, we can’t keep devoting resources to a crazy little girl.

                But as Michelle said, maybe we HAVE to.  Maybe we HAVE to try and support this kid.  Maybe that’s the point in all of this.  Maybe showing compassion, and dedication is part of what we need to do to reclaim this shit filled world back from the hell that was vomited onto it?

                I don’t know.  I’m thinking I might just wash my hands of this, and let Michelle deal with it.  Maybe I should stick to things I understand, like firing pins, and bolts, and magazines.  And porn.

                Fitz nearly stitched the little girl last night when we were searching for her.  She showed up on camera and we mobilized fast.  Long story short, Fitz sees movement in the woods near some large rocks, and he just opens up.  Luckily nothing hit the girl, and like a goddamn acrobat she jumped over a rock, and more or less right on top of me.

                I had her dead to rights with my brand spanking new M4A1 too.  I couldn’t pull the trigger.  I froze.  It was like, too much to do.  I don’t know how I managed to recover, but I swung the butt of the rifle up, and caught the kid on the chin, sending her to la-la-land by the time she hit the ground.  Good luck I suppose.

                Fitz is beating himself up pretty hard over this though.  He almost killed a little girl, and it is sitting hard on him.  I just talked to him for a few minutes, and he’s putting his head back together again.  I’m worried he’s going to start suffering like I am.  Or have been.

                I need to rest.  I only got an hour of sleep this morning after all of last night’s hullabaloo.  I’ll try and write more in a day or two. Hopefully she starts talking, and we can figure out if she’s just a lost, dirty kid, and not some kind of spy for another group that’s new to the area.








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