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December 5th, 2011 Tags: 227th entry

December 5th.

                I hate being cooped up here on campus waiting for my friends to return from dangerous outside the walls missions.  It bugs the fuck out of me. 

                I have been exercising and healing and doing all the things Ethan and Roger have been telling me to, but I feel like the healing is taking forever.  I know it isn’t, but every time I watch all these guys and gals slap a fresh magazine into their weapons, and chamber a round, my heart skips a beat.  I feel the anxiety of the danger they might be going into, and I feel the worry that I can’t be there with them, and worst of all, I am jealous.

                Yeah I said it.  Jealous.  Jealous like a fifteen year old girl watching her 16 year old friend walk away with the starting quarterback.  I so desperately want that adrenaline rush with my friends.  My days are filled with tedium, and soreness, and sweat, and frustration over not being able to help as much as I want, and not being able to track down the missing food or whoever the fuck stole it.  Plus I feel like we have so much happening here on campus, and we’re all struggling desperately to get things done, we’re skipping out on conversations we should be having, and cutting corners to get through this winter.  I’m feeling a lot of frustration at this moment.

                We got a little bit of cold, damp rain today too, and the bite wound on my leg, the three scars on my arm, as well as the incision in my neck are sore.  I hope those wounds aren’t going to hurt every time weather like this happens, because that would blow.  Sick of this shit.

                Enough bitching.  If I don’t drop my sack I’ll get pushed down the drain by a giant cosmic fucking toe. 

                What’s new?  Ah, yes.  Runs downtown.  The ones I wish I was going on.  So far, so good.  I don’t have all the details because they have been out the gate early, and arriving back very late.  In fact, the first night they were out they simply stayed at the Factory and never returned at all.  It left us fairly low on bodies for security, but in all actuality, we had more folks than used to, so it was a wash.  We’re just spoiled by how many available bodies we have on hand now.

                I had about ten minutes with Fitz this evening as he drank a cup of coffee with me outside.  Fitz takes evening walks very regularly, and I think I can check in with him if I want to. I just need to time it right.  I like chatting with him.  He’s like an older brother.  Well, another older brother.  Caleb has been busy with the towers the past week or so, and I haven’t seen him aside from bumping into him in the hallway here in the Hall.  Funny how that works.  He moves here, almost dies, kind of saves my life, and now I never see the guy.

                I also never see Becca.  She’s always busy working the hydroponics shit with Ryan.  She looks happy when I see her, and I know Ryan is cranking out the veggies for us, so once again that’s just me feeling butthurt.  I’m such a pussy.

                Fitz said that the first night’s progress was stellar.  The Radio Shack they hit had been basically left untouched, and the undead in the area were thin enough that they were able to handle them with the suppressed M9s, and with halligans.  At no point were they in any real danger, other than the occasional shambling dead moron. 

                Amusing to me how different my accounts of danger are now.  Remember back when dealing with a single zombie was like, an epic occurrence?  I’d write an entire page on how I dealt with it, like I was a martial artist detailing the necessary moves to win a trophy or something.  Now it takes a half dozen undead in a weird place doing strange things to even warrant a sentence or two.

                Anesthetized to the situation are we?  I’m sure part of it is the fact that we are so proficient at killing them now we aren’t getting into such nasty situations.  It also helps that we do nothing alone, unlike my first months.  I had to do everything with no backup, and that’s so much more frightening and nerve wracking.  Now we’ve got a minimum of six bodies moving at any given time, plenty of medical expertise all over the group, and a theoretical abundance of ammunition and weapons.

                It’s like a walk in the park.

                Fitz said we have enough wiring, laptops, and wifi shit to set up all the cameras.  They hit the police station today as well as the pharmacy and the bank, and with all that in hand we are pretty much set.  He said we are still a few cameras short of our basic needs for Bastion here, and we still need the cameras for MGR as well.  Tomorrow they are going to the grocery store to remove the cameras there, and if they can salvage all of them, we should be all set.  After that it’ll just be building the boxes and getting them mounted as needed.  Martin got yanked from tower work today to start on the boxes, and I guess he’ll be done with that in a couple days at most. 

                Amazing how fast we can get shit done.

                One other really important thing that has been happening here is school.  Does that sound stupid?  We are at a school.  Everything here could be described as being “school.”

                Not what I meant clearly.

                Michelle has taken on the job of becoming the first teacher at Bastion.  She’s got that PhD. burning a hole in her back pocket, and she doesn’t have a lot of other usable skills.  From what Kevin and Joel told me a week or so ago in conversation, she has no interest in taking up arms to help fight, and while useful with the agricultural side of things her brain is her biggest asset.  Well, she’s pretty good looking too, but that doesn’t really *help* us at all.  Makes it easier to talk to her for sure. 

                Sidetrack aside, she’s started to clean and clear the main school building to use for its original intended purpose.  It’s far too cold right now to use it through the winter, and it also makes zero fucking sense to heat that building strictly for use as a classroom, but she’s still getting that ready to go.  During the few days at the end of the world as we know it, the place got jacked up big time when I was clearing it of undead, and honestly, I didn’t go back and really give it a once over to clean it thoroughly.

                The upstairs classrooms are still filled with .22 brass from my shooting position.  There is busted drywall from gunfire on the floor, and there are some old stains of blood as well.  I also know there is pieces of person on the wall as well.  Little bits of grey matter from head shots, more than likely.  She grabbed a few of the teenage kids who could stomach it, and they’ve gotten the place in remarkably good order the past three or four days. She also went through all of the dorms and collected the textbooks kids had in their rooms so she could start a curriculum for every kid.

                Wanna hear a really impressive fact?  We have managed to accumulate ELEVEN school aged kids. I forget all the names right at this moment, but we have eleven kids here now that should be in school.  Kids that are not getting any education right now whatsoever.  Not acceptable, and I am stoked that Michelle is all over getting that taken care of.  She’s going to need a teaching aide too, so someone will have to step up and volunteer to help.

                In the winter Michelle is thinking of using the common room in Hall B.  It’s large enough, and there are already newborns in that building anyway, so having a teacher, a teacher’s aide, plus Melissa and Kim with their kids will turn Hall B into a daycare/school building of sorts.  I couldn’t think of a better alternative, and it does sound good at the moment.  Michelle said she was thinking she’d be able to start classes within ten days, give or take.

                Huzzah for not raising idiots.  Michelle is going around asking people what they know and could possibly teach the kids.  Ollie and Ryan are sort of clear cut choices to teach agriculture.  That’s a must for a course.  Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE needs to know how to grow a garden at the very least, and should know how to help in our fields.  Martin and Blake can teach wood/metal working, as well as diesel and small engine repair.

                Firearms instruction could be taught by a handful of people here now, and we have enough folks that can teach melee combat to get it done right.  We also have a few folks good at math and English as subjects, and Michelle can teach history and religion.  That pretty much covers everything but science, so that’s her first serious teaching dilemma.  Find a science teacher, or learn how to do it herself.

                Reminds me of my brother talking about SMEE school as a SEAL.  Every SEAL has to become a “subject matter expert” before they can go to the teams.  Basically they need to pick up a usable language, or learn comms tech, engine repair, or get medically trained, etc.  Everyone here needs to be the same.  Learn something useful.  Or you aren’t.  Earn your food.  Or don’t eat.  Pretty straightforward.

                Speaking of food… that reminds me I’m still pissed over the missing food.  Tired now.  Otis beckons.  I’m hoping all goes well the next couple of days.





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