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December 7th, 2011 Tags: 228th entry

December 7th.

                I am sporting epic wood right now. 

                Major league chubber. 

                Why do you ask?  Did I get to see some of my female acquaintances naked?  Was I watching some big screen pornography?  Well, no actually.  I just got back from a short training session with Andy about the first few cameras that are now up and operational.

                You heard it here Mr. Journal, we now have a broadcasted security system that is now somewhat operational.

                Motherfucking yeah.

                Alright so technologically speaking I am an enormous, useless dildo, so my explanation of how this works will suck.  Bear with me.  The basic idea is that we have cameras placed strategically all over the place that are all linked to laptops, that are set up somehow to broadcast their video feeds via a powerful wifi network that Andy set up.  He described it essentially as a powerful LAN party, which as a bit of a gaming nerd, I can wrap my head around.

                Each of the wifi transmitters broadcasts generally, and any laptop can pick up the signal if you have the proper password, just like if you had internet access before that day.  Pretty slick shit.  Adding even more amazing capability to this, Andy has a super powerful transmitter at the Factory that he somehow managed to link to MGR’s repeater tower or something, and I guess the signal from there bounces along a couple of wifi hot spots they put up between here and there. Long story short, we can access their video feed on their cameras, and they can access ours as well.  I can watch what is happening at the Factory, right fucking now.

                Andy has two central servers set up to record the streams.  One here at Bastion in my room on a desktop computer he built, and one in the security room at the Factory he also built.  We’ll have to purge the files every so often because they are pretty much useless, but we’ll keep the recording for awhile to make sure they aren’t needed.

                As of right this second, we only have the front gate camera, the rear gate camera, and the camera mounted on the corner of Route 18, and Auburn Lake Road.  It is on a phone pole, about fifteen feet up and has a great view of the intersection.  Anyone walking or driving up this road will be visible on the camera.  It should give us a solid five minutes of warning if we’re attacked that way by the living, and far more time if by the dead.

                So Andy said any laptop capable of connecting to the internet can connect to his network, and as I write this, I’ve got a browser window open in the background, and I can see all the camera feeds.  You can set up the page he made to have four cameras running in the view, or you can set it up to cycle through all of them.  Right now I’m watching the feeds from the Factory because quite frankly, I’m fucking nosy. 

                Incidentally, they are fairly boring people.  None of the cameras are in bedrooms, so thus far, I have not seen any sex with ex-strippers.  No fun for me, and certainly not the cause for my epic erection.

                How does this change life for us here at Bastion?  Excellent fucking question Mr. Journal.

                We no longer need to have people outside pulling security.  We will still post guards regularly, especially when we can expect attack or disruption, but we can now monitor all of these locations from any laptop.  What we will change to is a dedicated security person whose job is to sit up and watch the cameras for a shift.  I’m thinking we’ll do three eight hour shifts a day for that.  We will also have an “on call” rotation of people expected to respond immediately to anything seen on the cameras.  During their shift those people are expected to remain armed at all times, and able to respond immediately to any walkies sent by the person watching the cameras.   If whatever incident is more serious than what they can handle, then they will “sound the alarm” and wake up or mobilize  the rest of us.  Right now we’re thinking the “on call” will be three people, plus the person dedicated to the cameras. 

                Obviously, we’ll adjust as needed.

                Right now because of the human attack on MGR, I’m asking that we have at least one person still pulling security 24 hours a day.  I want someone with a weapon walking the wall to open fire if someone gets sneaky.  Imagine if you will a person or persons walking the long way through the woods to get our backside.  They theoretically could get all the way to the back side of campus without being seen or heard by anything, and as terrific as our wall is, if they have time and some rope, they can get right over it.  The wall was not built to keep sneaky living people out.  We need more barbed or concertina wire for that.  And guns.  More guns would be nice. 

                What else is new?  I feel like the addition of the cameras completely dominated my day.  Oh shit, so the amazing news is that the men and women managed to get all the gear for all the camera installations by mid day today, without death or injury.  Kevin said there was a bit of a hairy moment when they were inside the grocery store yesterday.  I guess Andy was on a ladder getting a camera down off a ceiling beam or something, and a few of the guys were moving through the store floor, looking for anything worth taking, and somehow a zombie got into the building and started to claw at the ladder with Andy at the top of it.

                Joel was nearest, and when Andy started to yell for help, he had Andy grab onto the beam for his life, and Joel ran over and smashed the zombie in the head.  The ladder almost tipped over in the process, which would’ve left poor Andy dangling from the ceiling of the grocery store for a few seconds, but it didn’t tip, and everything came out okay.  As you might imagine, the work to finish the camera installations is still ongoing.

                I want two or three more cameras here inside Bastion, as well as at least two more on the walls.  I’d like one camera pointing towards the woods on our blind side, and as dumb as it sounds, I want one more pointing towards Auburn Lake itself, on the off chance a group of crazy assholes tries to attack us from that side.  Honestly, it’d be how I’d do it.  Andy and Martin need to assemble something like ten more boxes/mounts for cameras to get the whole project “done for the moment” so that’s a few more days or so.  I’m stoked Andy is a nerd of epic proportions.  Clearly he has some serious nerd skills.

                I wonder if he could teach science for Michelle at the school?  I need to try and remember to get in touch with her and let her know.

                What is new? No new evidence of theft.  No more food has been stolen either, especially since I dropped the “Adrian is pissed” talk on folks about leaving the fucking cafeteria unlocked.  Ever since that talk a few days ago, it seems as if the food is being consumed at a normal rate.  I also made sure to ask Ryan to keep the gym/hydroponics building locked as well, as we don’t need anyone breaking into there to steal our shit, or to break or steal our hydroponics set up.

                Something I’ve totally forgotten to mention is that while I was out, Ollie managed to prep and plant garlic for us for next year!  I guess it needs to grow over the winter or whatever, and needed to be planted sometime in mid to late October.  He put about ten rows of it into a nice new garden on the grounds of campus.  I cannot explain to you how fucking excited I am for garlic in the spring.  Fresh cloves of garlic for cooking.  Oh hells yes.  We’ve got so much fresh produce here from the fields as well as the stuff Ryan and Becca are churning out in the hydro set up…  I think we are far ahead of the consumption rate, but again, with all these new mouths to feed…

                We still need to figure out how to get fresh water to the folks at the Factory.  We haven’t had to run them any water yet… Rain has been plentiful thankfully, and it looks like we’ll have a fair amount of snow for them to melt.  I am still worried though.  I don’t like having people in places where they can’t access fresh water regularly.

                I am starting to simmer the stolen food thing.  My rage has subsided somewhat, and with all the clear evidence of food growing plentifully all over the place, I feel like I’m getting angry over nothing.  I am still bothered by the dishonesty aspect of it, but I think I’m just taking it personally because so much of the work that went into accumulating all that food was mine.  Abby and Patty helped a lot too, but I feel like that was mostly my burden.

                In good news, the neck feels great, and my overall level of soreness after activity is dropping dramatically.  I should be able to move about without any kind of pain in a few days, barring injury, so that’s very exciting.  I’d love to go out myself and see parts of town I haven’t been able to in a long time.  I’m getting cabin fever hardcore.  Oh well, it’ll happen when it happens.  Until then, I will get my need to get out satisfied by watching these cameras.








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