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February 11th, 2012 Tags: 260th entry

February 11th.

Here's the plan:

We did noise tests, and the radios we can bring to make noise can be heard in about a fifty yard radius. That's not that far at all. That means we need a minimum of four radios set up in a perimeter at a minimum of 100 yards outside our AO. That gives us a hundred yard noise buffer from where we will be, and where the radios are making noise theoretically keeping the zeds off our back. Four radios are ready to go, and we've got four CDs fully prepped up. Noisy songs that will play for a long ass time and can be set to repeat incessantly. If we can't kill the zombies with gunfire, we will annoy the fuck out of them with 1970's disco, Swedish death metal, and some old yodeling music we dug up.

Shit if I had to listen to the mix CDs we made, I'd fucking kill myself. Shotgun mouthwash just to make the pain go away.

Our road plan will be exactly the same as before to the Factory, then we will switch to roads one or two off from our original route so as not to let anyone set up an ambush if they are anticipating us returning. From there we will continue forward, leaving behind a fifth noise maker in a major intersection that we can skirt around later on if need be. That way on our return, if we have critical injuries or just need to get the fuck out fast we can drive around any mobs of undead that might be there. Plus, it'll help with us being followed by any undead into the city. Does that make sense? I feel very rambly or something. Too much thinking the past few days.

Been good about thinking about Michelle too.

Ah fuck. Kiss of death.

We are rolling with an additional vehicle on this trip, and three more shooters. Were using the same exact team from the pharmacy run (Caleb, Abby, Hector, me, Kevin, Amanda, Quan, Ethan, Martin, Fitz, Angela and Hal) plus new bodies in the form of Amanda, Mike and Patty. The'yre going to be riding in the deuce and a half. We debated bringing the box truck, or the heavy duty military tow rig, but the logistics of those vehicles didn't add up to the value the deuce gave us. They're built to take a pounding in the worst situations you can throw at them.

We roll in a perimeter of the hospital on arrival, assessing the situation and if all seems well, we post our noisemakers as planned on traffic lights or street lamps, and contract in to the hospitals rear docks to breach through the doors there. We can secure the alley/street the docks are on fairly easily, and we've got exits in both directions we can use. On the map the alley looks like a nice defendable location for us with minimal exposure.

We have only our memories of the inside of the hospital to go on, which is bad. We have no internet to use to try and find a floor plan of the joint. We are expecting a nightmare inside. A full on plugged tub requiring our toes to bring it to order once more. The jinx fairy doesnt even need to show up for this to be a fucking disaster. We've got some internal breaching plans to help minimize our risk, and we're getting the supplies ready for that now. For example, we're anticipating the ER area of the hospital to be overrun with the dead, and the docks where we are going in are pretty far from that area of the hospital. We're going to bar the doors to that section, and attempt to simply avoid the majority of the fight going near there would bring on us.

Downside to this plan: we are pot committed once we're in the shit. Theres no QRF to call if things go south. We sink or swim on our own on this, so pretty clearly we're shitting bricks and hoping this goes well. The alternatives will be very bad.

Having said that, we are super excited. This is a serious operation and will test our limits to get things done in a tactical sense. The payoff could be huge too. A hospital, even one that was in crisis when it was last open, has got to be full of good shit. Were hoping for lots of IV bags and medication. Bandages, sterilization equipment and chemicals, surgical tools and soaps, blah blah blah. Basically anything medical that is consumable will be huge for us.

The other downside is that the hospital might be completely empty, and were doing this all for nothing. What a shit moment thatd be for morale.

One thing I am definitely doing this for is that if this goes well, well be very informed on how the city is on the interior. Ill know just about exactly what to expect if I want to go deeper into the city to Cassies work. Searching for closure and all that jazz

We are leaving first thing in the morning on the day after tomorrow. Tomorrow we finish gathering supplies and working on things we need to bring with us. Kevin is spending the entire day doing weapons and gear prep. Apparently I am finally getting my M203.




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