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February 26th, 2012 Tags: 267th entry

February 26th.

                I find it rather impressive how much work this trip into the city is taking.  Never mind the trips into the city themselves, I’m talking about the preparation for these little trips too.

                Primarily I’m speaking of cutting wood.  We have a pretty steady crew of kids and adults that sit there chopping wood all day every other day or so for the stoves, but we need a solid cord or cord and a half of wood for each of the fires we’re intending to set on the top of the parking garages.  The kids spent all day today and much of yesterday chopping the wood up and loading the back of the deuce up for our next trip to the other parking garage.

                Never mind the weapons maintenance, magazine loading, medical supply preparation, and the two hundred other things that need to be done here at Bastion on a daily basis.  I definitely feel selfish having all these people devote this much time to something that mainly only benefits me.  I mean sure, if this parking garage bullshit works out and kills a few thousand undead, we’ll be sitting much prettier.  However, if you look at the odds, look at my luck, and then weigh that against this being successful, we’re already bent.

                Yawn.  I’m tired.  Little cranky too.  I’ve been a smidge under the weather for a couple days now.  Since we returned from the last downtown run really.  The weather has been drizzly and cold, forming some black ice here and there, and I think the time outside coupled with meeting the new folks over at Spring Meadows has given me a wee bit of the cold.  Irritated.  I’m just a little sniffly, just a little achy, with a touch of a headache, and a tiny bit of an upset stomach.  Just a little irritation, but all over.

                I’ve been resting for the last two hours here in my room with Otis.  We’re doing well as a team.  Otis is buried in my crotch as I lay here on the bed, laptop on my chest.

                My mind is running a mile a minute.  I’m having a very hard time keeping focused on the things I need to pay attention to.  I’ve got a small notebook I stole from the office supplies closet in the administration building that I’ve been writing notes in.  I keep double checking to make sure things are getting crossed off in the book, and it is starting to look like more is getting added than crossed off.

                It doesn’t help that my mind is halfway between fear and hope with the tasks directly ahead.  I’m scared to find Cassie.  I know she’s dead, but HOW dead?  Dead and resting dead?  Or dead and walking around dead?  I’m not sure what’s worse.

                I’m also petrified about Michelle.  I really like this woman, and I’m scared of what that means.  I’m concerned I’ll hurt her, or get her hurt on this fucking quest of mine.  I so want her to not go, but I also know deep down inside… she should be there for this.  If this Trinity nonsense means anything, we need to make sure we’re together for the big things, and this feels like a very big thing.

                I keep thinking too about what Gilbert said about how Cassie was like, off limits or something.  He warned me over and over to not try and contact her when I was down on the other side, and like he asked, I never did try and get in touch with her.  I knew she was dead, and theoretically just a “call” away, but I was so scared of being confronted by her, and I knew Gilbert wouldn’t have told me not to unless it was vitally important.

                But if evil has her somewhere for safe keeping… then this is very clearly a big thing.  This could be my moment.  The single event that determines whether or not I fail at this whole “saving humanity” crap.

                I’m not sure how to play this.  I’m not sure what’s going to happen.  I hate the unknown.

                Sigh.  I need to man the fuck up here and get my shit done.

                Speaking of shit to get done, I’m going to head to bed.  It’s far later than I intended to be up, and we’re heading back into the city tomorrow morning to hit the other parking garage.  First up we’re swinging by Spring Meadow to check in with them.  They’ve had some additional contact with undead above and beyond what they’re used to, and that’s our fault.  We wanted to drop off some bread, some milk, and a few eggs for them.  Neighborly gifts and whatnot.

                After we say hi to them, we’re headed to the parking garage and prepping it to blow in a few more days.

                Remember what happened last March 3rd here at Bastion?  The hundreds of undead with all the books?  The strange visions and dreams of Cassie?  On the third hour of the third day of the third month?

                If all goes well, I’ll be reaching Cassie’s work by March 3rd.  I don’t know what hour I’ll be there at, but if I was a betting man…

                I bet we get there right around three.



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