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Holiday Sale, and the HATS!!!! Tags: OMG hats sale Elmoryn awesomeness

I just wanted to toss up a quick post to let folks know what's going on.

I'm working on writing Putting a Name to a Face, but with my wisdom tooth surgery the other day, progress is a bit slow.  It's hard as hell to stay focused on writing when I'm hopped up on painkillers, so bear with me, and I'll get it done as best I can, as fast as I can.

AUD Hats are in stock finally.  I must say, they are sexy as fuck.  Adrian would wear these, and I wore mine all day at work today.  Seriously badass hats.  If you pre-ordered any, they are shipping out Tuesday. 

Between now and Christmas I'm running another sale for all you folks.  Type in bitinthedick on any school store order in the discount field, and you'll get a flat 20% off your entire order.  Hats, shirts, stickers, books, you name it, and it's 20% off.  Get some stuff for yourself or friends for the holidays, or point your loved ones our way so they can get something nice for you.

Plus, surgery ain't free, the semen clinic has shut me off, and I've only got so much blood in me.

Back to work kids, as always, appreciate the support, and thanks so much for all the love.



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