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January 26th, 2012 Tags: 251st entry


January 26th.

                More conversations with our new people raise more and more concerns.  It’s funny how the scope of life now can change very quickly.  Danielle, Jackie and Diane have all given us absolute gold for intelligence about the north.  Sadly, when you get intel that seems really bad for you, it doesn’t seem much like a fucking gift, or a helpful fucking insight.  Sort of a, “yeah, you’ve got some shit coming down the pipe, and it’s shitty shit.  You should probably start masturbating now to make the pain go away before it gets too bad.”

                The discussions with the new folks here have been largely about their trip here.  Mostly in fact about the city itself being overrun with the dead, and the terrain traveled between here and there.  I really want to know what it is like in the area between the city, and town.  It could be a big deal down the line, especially as we travel more and more outside the city to gather supplies that are becoming more and more scarce.

                Yesterday and today however, with the one meal we could spend each day together due to other issues that consume time, I was able to hear more about the situation up north.  I tell you this Mr. Journal, I do not like what they told us.

                Remember the story that Lindsey told us when she arrived from the north with Doug?  Prior to Doug shooting me, and me shooting Doug?  That a batch of National Guardsman had taken over a ski resort and were taking all the supplies and forcing folks out?  Well I guess that group has absorbed a few others, and they are spreading across the more remote northern areas of the state.  They have a bio diesel plant at one of the resorts (if not more), and with a more or less continual supply of fuel, they are able to move far, move fast, and take what they want.  In war, we are taught to death that mobility and speed wins.  Out maneuver, out flank, and you win.  Pretty simple. 

                I guess their motives haven’t changed either.  They take whatever they want from whoever can’t defend it.  Diane and Danielle said they watched as less able people had their gardens “confiscated” to be relocated.  They also said that one “base” of these people was being far more generous, allowing folks to keep their animals and gardens, but they had to pay a tax to the base for “protection” that never really materialized.

                This creates a whole new set of problems.  Eventually these pricks are going to start moving south, especially when they really run the areas north dry.  I suspect with winter being as harsh as it is right now, they’ll be running dry of a lot of supplies in the coming month or two.  That means they’ll head to more urban areas, and that means they’ll be heading our way.

                Judging from what the women said about the size of the settlements these people have, and by their descriptions of vehicles and whatnot, they have at least 300-500 people in their collective communities, at the very least.  After talking to Kevin, he’s thinking there are as many as 800-1000.

                As of this writing, we have about fifty eight people here at Bastion and MGR, plus the what?  30 odd folks at the Factory?  That’s less than a hundred people using all my fingers and toes to count.  We’d be outnumbered at least 4 to 1 in any scenario. Now assuming of course that the vast majority of those people are not shooters, the numbers come back down to a far more acceptable 2 or 3 to 1, but that’s still fucking terrible.  If you factor in experience, and their military grade weaponry, and the fact that at least ten of our number are fucking kids, we’re pretty much done in any large scale engagement with these groups unless we start to train, arm, and expand to match them.  It’s classic escalation.  They build a better crossbow, we do the same.

                How do we do that?  How do we feed the potential army we might need to survive when we can barely feed the mouths we have as it is?

                Do we become predatory like them?  Or do we find another solution that allows us to maintain some semblance of the humanity that I so frigging desperately need?  Kevin is of course advocating for an aggressive spread out and absorb strategy, and Michelle wants us to do the same, only with hope, and food, and good wishes and such.  I suspect our solution will be somewhere in the middle.

                The people fleeing these groups in the north are struggling like our new additions did.  There are no gas stations with fuel left, food is no longer easily obtained on the move, and undead are clogging the roads where the navigation is already treacherous.  Where there were accidents on that day, there are still packs of undead, lingering, waiting for a flat tire, or an empty fuel tank.  Never mind the fact that they also said that the few times they ran into the living, they were violent, and wanted their shit.  No one wants to be a fucking hero, and do the right thing anymore it seems.

                In other news, we are working on finishing the tower, because we’re all paranoid as a mother fucker now.

                More news soon, hopefully.





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