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January 28th, 2012 Tags: 252nd entry

January 28th.

                When it rains, it pours.  That’s the expression.

                We are dealing with three enormous problems right now, all sort of working in concert to bend us the fuck over.  It seems as if our good intentions and good will has brought serious problems upon us.  We are paying the price it seems for doing the right thing.

                Some kind of miserable flu bug has taken strong root here.  Ethan and Roger both think that the new people brought it in with them, and that does make a lot of sense.  Diane has been hacking and wheezing for days since she arrived, and it appears that whatever she had has spread.

                Ethan and Roger aren’t sure exactly what it is, but seeing as how it’s pretty catchy, they’re thinking it’s viral.  Pneumonia hasn’t been ruled out yet, but we haven’t done a lot of testing as of yet.  It starts as a headache, aches, and runny nose.  Within maybe five hours of that, your temperature skyrockets, and your sinuses go haywire, filling your chest with thick mucus and phlegm.  Vomiting seems to be frequent when it really sets in.   A couple of our sick folks also have sore throats, but that doesn’t seem to be the case across the board.

                As of right now, the following people are sick: Julie and Chester (Martin’s wife and son).  George (but not Alex yet), Andrea (Lindsey’s daughter), baby Jeffrey (the new kid named after the Lt from Westfield and Jeanette’s baby), Doc Lindsey, Jenna, Veronica (she of no last name), Roger the pj, Kyle (one of Kev’s guys), Becky, Shelby (Becky’s daughter), stoner Ryan, and Diane.  That’s a grand total of fourteen sick I count as of right this moment.  Jeanette is having a fit leaving her sick baby with Becky, but she understands the dangers of sickness. 

                We’ve got them in the clinic right now under quarantine.  We didn’t have enough beds there already, but in the basements of one of the dorms we had some cots for emergencies.  As of now, the clinic is looking a lot like a refuge camp.  They’re being cared for by the sick Roger and Doc Lindsey.  It makes some sense to have an ill medical professional deal with it, though I’m sure the care we’re giving them in this fashion is somewhat lacking.  Fresh fluids are in plenty right now though, and that’s a huge thing.  We put down three chickens this morning to make massive amounts of chicken soup for the sick people, and they’re doing their level best to consume it, although over the radio it sounds like they’re cleaning up a lot of vomit as well.

                We’re hoping the quarantine measures prevent it from spreading any further.

                Helping us in the quarantine department is royally shit weather.  Freezing rain, sleet, and wet, thick snow have brought everything to a horrible halt.  The freezing rain is a fine mist, and as soon as it hits any surface, it seems to freeze instantly.  The walkways and roads here are glassy smooth ice right now.  In order to get around, we have to smash our feet through the crust of ice over the wet snow.  It seems to be coming in cycles with wet snow too, which is miserable, chill you to the bone cold.

                We can’t really drive anywhere at the moment because of the ice.  We can’t sand or salt effectively to get around safely.  Hell, walking around campus at all has cost us a few spills just within the past three or four hours.  I was watching out the window of the common room in Hall E earlier as Angela tried to walk from Hall A to the cafeteria.  She ate shit three times after just trying to walk twenty feet.  Luckily she didn’t hit her head or anything, but she still turned her ass around and crawled back to the dorm.

                We aren’t staffing the gate or the towers tonight.  It’s a risk, but there’s just no way anyone with any sense would be willing or even able to attack us.  MGR and the Factory are reporting the same shit weather and icy conditions too, so I feel like the world has kind of ground to a halt for a bit. 

                Good times. 

                The third and most disturbing factor that we have on our plate is the food.  We are still chewing through it, and there has been precious little progress on our hydro production front.  Ryan had some stuff break on him, and he’s also sick, so there’s been shit happening for about three days.  Not that we’d miraculously have tomatoes and potatoes and green beans grown by now if we had the three or four days back, but it’s the frustration of there having been NO progress for any period of time.

                It just pisses me off.  This whole fucked up conspiracy of bullshit makes me wonder if the Jinx Fairy is a card toting Union member of the Jinx Fairy local 401.  That bitch might have backup.  Scary thought eh Mr. Journal?

                For the moment myself I’m sitting here in Hall E, fighting the small cold that I hope doesn’t turn south on me into the plague that’s ravaging the clinic.  Lucky fourteen is bad enough, I don’t want to be number fourteen.  I’m drinking an assload of water, and I’ve got a pretty large thermos of that soup we made earlier.  It’s really quite good.

                I’m very tired.  Kind of achy.  I’m the tired where I don’t even want to masturbate.  I just kind of want to lay down, and close my eyes, and let the sinus pressure drift away after I take one of these supposedly “non drowsy” sinus pills. That’s a damn joke.  I take one and no matter what…. I’m loopy.  The shit works though.  I always feel better after taking them.

                We’re in a holding pattern yet again for the moment.  I’m hoping I can check in after a day or two and happily report that we have people starting to feel better, the weather has gone, Ryan has built more hydro stations, and Ollie impregnated a few of our cows.

                Good news would be an awesome change of pace.





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