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March 16th Tags: 95th entry

March 16th.

                It occurs to me I need a frigging plan here.  Like, a good plan too.  I’m sick of this stumbling through life with a perpetually confused look on my face.  I move from infuriating moment to joy, back to pain, over to happiness, and wind up slowly pushing a series of turds down the drain with my big toe, and hoping nothing peanutty scratches my skin.

                I have hatched a devious plan for the next few weeks.  Warm weather is coming, and things here on campus seem to have quieted down to the point where I feel like we can do shit outside without level 10 danger alerts every moment.  I have no scale incidentally for that level 10 alert.  I’m just implying that level 10 is bad with that Mr. Journal.  It’s probably safe to assume that a level 1 alert is something like, “I had too much coffee this morning, and I can’t really trust a fart today.”

                Actually depending on how much coffee you drink, that could probably rise to a level 4, or a level 5 emergency.  Okay, let’s say…  I can’t find my fingernail clippers is level 1.  Impending doom via zombies is level 7, and “holy shit, I’m looking at five hundred zombies marching at me right now, and I have no reasonably strong structure to hold up in, or anything convincing to hide under,” is like level 10.  That gives us a scale to work with.

                So my plan consists of several phases that need to be done in a fairly certain order.  Our standing orders are to fortify campus as best we can, when we can.  My priority with that is making Hall B zombie proof.  We will be fortifying the lower doors and windows immediately.  We actually started the job yesterday.  We also need to replace the window on the second floor that busted out.  Remember that Mr. Journal?  Cascade of teenage girl zombies?  Blech.  That whole dorm room is soaked from rain and snow to the rafters, and we might need to yank up the floor to purge it.

                Once the doors are fortified, and all the windows on the lower level and basement are secured, it’ll be pretty much safe for human habitation.  We need to get the generator placed in the basement too, but that’s peanuts all things considered. 

                We need to source a woodstove for Hall B as well.  The kitchen/dining area would be a great spot for one, as would be the central foyer so the heat can rise up to the second floor.  I can envision little redheaded kids running up and down the central staircase in there too.  Makes me happy and warm and fuzzy and stuff.

                Next on the agenda is to hit that daycare like the zombie baby apocalypse.  For them I mean, not for us.  We could use any supplies contained inside, and the thought of having any undead children inside sours my milk.  Worst case, it’s another cleared building.  Best case, we score some baby food, formula, diapers, baby wipes, regular food, baby clothes, whatever.  And in actuality, this is the first time I’ve even considered the fact that we need baby clothes.  I guess it’s not a desperate need, but if we need to hustle out to escape, I’d rather any little tykes we have not be butt nekkid.

                After we hit the daycare, I want to start heading deeper into downtown to recon.  I know from what Brian said this side of town hadn’t been touched by his people, and if my memory serves, we’ve got something like 200 homes left in that area.  Never mind any businesses that may have survived looting.  I’m sure by this juncture there are other survivors that at one point or another looted places, but with any luck they’re either still alive and hopefully willing to join forces, or they’re dead, and what remains of the shit they stole is at their houses.  Yeah, I’ll concede that’s a dick thing to say, but it’s the reality of the matter.

                I want to return to STIG.  I’m sure there are still usable scraps left behind.  I’m also curious if there are any items worth taking from the surrounding businesses in the industrial park.  Even shit like pallet jacks would be REALLY nice.  If we can get a semi rig up here too… sweetness would ensue.  My kingdom for a forklift.  Preferably an electric one, but I’ll manage with a propane powered one if need be.

                Shitty news is the lumber business in town went out a couple years ago when Home Depot moved in a few towns over, so bulk lumber will be hard to find locally.  I might be able to find some at some of the new constructions on the outskirts of town though.  I know there was a housing development getting started out there last summer, and with any luck at all… their wood was covered and well protected.  If we can score a truckload of good lumber, our lives would become much simpler.  There’s always the idea of building a concrete wall, but we’d need a lot of blocks, and those take a fairly long time to set up.  Regardless of the specific building supplies we use, good fences make for good neighbors, and distant zombies.

                Tomorrow we hit the daycare.  I’m scared to do it, but it’s necessary.  I feel it in my bones that we need to find out if that place is filled with dead children, and if it is, then we need to handle it like adults.  If it’s clean, then we take what we can, and get the fuck out.

                After the daycare, we start to look at re-visiting STIG.  After STIG, if that goes well, then we can recon town, and if that goes well….


                I’d like to go back to my home, and see if Cassie made it back there before she died.


                Closure ftw?






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