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March 1st Tags: 86th Entry

March 1st

                Mr. Journal, there are a lot of people in Westfield.  I mean a lot.  Well, there’s less than forty, but that seems like so many people.  It was insane. People everywhere.  And they were nice too!  Can you imagine it?  Nice people..  I thought they’d all been eaten. 

                Weird stuff. 

                Yesterday we had an all hands meeting and decided that I would go to Westfield with Patty.  Knowing what we knew about the huge amount of women there, we felt it’d be a good idea to bring one of our own women.  Abby was too young we felt, and Patty was pretty adamant on cock blocking her and Gavin from talking again.  Well, at least for now. 

                Gilbert said he was feeling a little meh yesterday, and today he seemed kinda under the weather.  I wonder if he’s getting a cold from having met the new folks the other day.  Nothing like a good old germ sharing event to shove everyone’s health into the toilet.  It’s all good though.  We really need to get these germs anyway, otherwise we’ll get hit by some super germ down the road and we’ll all die or something.  We got him some juice to drink, and Abby babysat him all day today. 

                As for shit to bring, when we last met Mike mentioned that they really needed laundry detergent and hygiene supplies.  Obviously I didn’t get a deer yesterday.  I did go out walking in the woods, but the damn snow is so deep I couldn’t get anywhere.  I’m thinking I might do a sip around with one of the snow machines to pack a trail or two so I can at least get around a bit easier.  Maybe tomorrow. 

                So yesterday afternoon Patty and I went the length of Auburn Lake Road and scavenged for laundry detergent.  As it happens, I left behind 8 things of it.  Patty also grabbed an ass ton more clothing, as well as perfume and cologne which wound up to be pretty fruitful.  Fyi Mr. Journal, women love clothing.  They also like to smell nice.  They’re also willing to trade well for those things.  We found six more jugs of water to fill for them as well, and I grabbed another tube of toothpaste.  Gilbert made us bring one of the containers of salt I got awhile back, which also turned out to be a great idea. 

                Auburn Lake road yesterday and today was a little treacherous.  The weather has been fine, a little cold maybe, but the real danger is the steady stream of fucking dead people.  We had to kill six more yesterday while we were checking houses.  Fortunately they were really spread out, and Patty was able to pop them with her .22.  I wound up killing one with that little hatchet I have.  I do not like using that hatchet man.  It got stuck in the head of that Tera chick in Westfield, and it got stuck in the head of the dude I killed yesterday too.  I really need to source out a machete or a more substantial short sword. 

                My kingdom for a Kukri. 

                The drive to Westfield was uneventful.  We timed it to arrive right before lunch like Mike asked us.  I knew roughly how to get to the school from my recon trips before the Sean bullshit, and really all I had to do was follow the plowed roads.  They’re only moving on a few roads really, and they all lead to the school or the farm. 

                Patty pointed out where her house was, and we stopped there after our visit.  I’ll share that after.  Mike filled us in when he was on campus on how to get into the school, and we did what he told us to.  They have two gaps in their vehicle wall that are blocked by a truck or van they can back out of the way.  We pulled up to the gate, flashed our lights, honked our horn, waved etc etc, then we drive slowly around the school to lead the undead away from the gate.  

                When we got to the opposite side of the school, we gun it, and by then they have the van moved out of the way.  We pull in, they move the van back, and viola, we’re in there like swimwear.  The whole time one or both of the two guards on the roof have their rifles trained on the gate to shoot any stragglers that make their way inside the parking lot. 

                We parked, and literally Mike came out to greet us with an entourage of people.  Mostly women, as advertised.  I felt so popular.  I think the women have been a little starved for fresh male meat, and I really think as a tall, masculine fella, I was what the doctor ordered.  I had to play hard to get all day from the flirting women.  It was really weird getting hit on like that too.  It’s been awhile since I’ve been hit on at all.  Let alone treated like a piece of meat.  Hm.  Food for thought, right?  

                Patty was well received.  She actually knew two of the women from around town, and once in with those two, it was like a gossip festival.  During the lunch we shared the girls just chattered on like squirrels sharing their best nut hideouts.  They were talking so fast I could barely make out what they were saying.  Prada this, zombie that.  Tuned em right the hell out. 

                Mike and I laughed.  I met a lot of folks today, and to a one, they were nice people.  I saw that Chad guy again too.  He kinda sat all by himself in the corner.  I think he’s fruits of the poisonous tree if you know what I mean.  Being Sean’s flunky is no longer cool, or beneficial for him.  I think he was also one of those guys who had a job that’s entirely useless now.  Didn’t seem to me like anyone even spoke to him the whole time I was there.  I actually took the time to point out to Mike that he could be a problem if he was kept ostracized from the group. 

                Social outcasts often lash out, and the last thing a place like this needs is an unhappy person with access to weapons.  God forbid he got to their fuel or food supply and decided to exact some kind of vengeance.  I suggested Mike or someone actively try and get him involved with their culture.  No sense holding a grudge against him because he played the cards he was given.  Not sure if Mike agreed with me or not, but at least I said my peace. 

                I was thanked a lot.  I think they all really wanted to get rid of Sean.  I seriously mean ALL when I say it too.  Everyone there seemed to hate the guy.  I guess sometimes all it takes is a pebble to move a mountain I guess.  I’m glad no one seemed hostile towards us.  Lots of talk as well rotated around their election tomorrow.  It seemed like Mike was the hands down favorite to win it all, but a few folks suggested that Goldman (the doctor) take on the job.  She’s pretty smart (no shit, right?) and personable as well.  I think she’d do just fine.  

                Gavin, to his credit, hung on Patty’s ass the whole time asking about Abby.  It’s cute.  He obviously really likes her.  He’s also taken the initiative and is talking to Patty directly, which is pretty ballsy.  I think some of the girls in the school went to bat for him as well, saying he really is a nice kid.  Patty’s stance on the cockblocking might be softening.  We’ll see when we meet them again. 

                Mike gave me the tour of the first floor, and most of the second floor as well.  He pointed out all their housing areas, communal areas, and general resources.  He said their food and weaponry were mostly stashed in the basement under lock and key, and that I wasn’t “that good a friend” yet.  I had to laugh at him.  I like Mike a lot. 

                We concluded our day with the trade.  Patty was our chief negotiator.  She’s really good at it, especially when it comes to selling the women the stuff they want.  They were mega-moist over the clothes and perfume.  The laundry detergent went over well too. 

                When it was all said and done, Patty managed to score a crank radio for us to use, ten gallons of gasoline, two more bottles of milk, another dozen eggs, and a chicken.  Luckily it was a dead chicken, otherwise I’d have to kill it, and I really wasn’t in the mood to kill a chicken.  Don’t get me wrong though, I’ll kill the shit out of a chicken right now if I have to.  We’re going to eat it tomorrow for dinner. 

                When we left we agreed that we would meet again on the 7th at our place, at about noon.  Being able to sit down and share a meal I think is really nice.  Eating together is a bonding experience.  Plus it allows us to shoot the shit about whatever before we “get down to business.” 

                We stopped at Patty’s family home on the way out.  The roads weren’t plowed so I dropped the plow on our truck and cleared the way.  Patty got pretty emotional as we got out of the truck.  I had to be on guard doubly because we’d driven by undead to get there, and Patty was just checked out entirely.  She was on auto-pilot hardcore. 

                I had to give her a hug and just hold her a couple of times when we were inside because she just couldn’t handle the memories.  The house had been emptied of most of the usable stuff by other people, but she was able to get some pictures, and mementos that meant something to her and Abby.  Seeing pictures of Randy and Charles was sort of painful for me, and I can’t even imagine what it was like for her.  To lose them so suddenly and painfully like that?  Awful shit Mr. Journal.  

        I lost myself there for a minute.  Wasn’t sure what else to say.  It’s tough talking about this stuff.

        I can deal with violence, I can deal with physical pain, and I can deal with gore, but when the emotional stuff is put on me, I can feel cracks forming in the great wall of Adrian.  Maybe that’s the part of me that’s still human?  Maybe that’s the part of me I need to foster instead of hide?  I don’t know anymore.  It is funny that I have these weird retrospective moments every now and then.  Maybe that’s just normal?  I wish I had this life figured out.

                 I want to so badly to earn whatever time I have left, but it’s like I am being tested over and over.  I try to do the right thing, but at every turn it seems like I am either forced into making a decision that no matter what, I feel terrible about after.  Maybe that’s exactly what’s happening?  This is all just a big fucking test.

                 I should’ve gone to church as a kid.  Bottom line.

                 After Patty gathered what she could from her empty home, we left.  I had to kill a shambler in the yard which was sort of ugly.  It was a huge bastard, and Patty sort of freaked because it was one of her co-workers before everything.  She was so out of it from crying and whatnot she actually greeted the guy before she realized what was going on.  I didn’t want to mess around with the hatchet, so I just capped him with the Glock.  Patty stood there in complete shock as he bled out into the driveway.  We were off after that.

                 Our trip home was uneventful, though we did hit five more undead on Route 18 and Auburn Lake Road.  I feel more confident using the plow to hit them now that I’ve done it a bit.  I can set the plow to the correct height and I know about what speed I should be at to do it safely.  It’s still gross as balls, and I think we need to take the time to clear the bodies out of the road shortly.  It’s starting to feel like a morbid four mile long string of juicy speed bumps. 

                 Abby as you’d expect got really emotional when we got back and saw all the stuff.  All of her stuff.   She got really angry too at one point.  She’s definitely got a temper that one…  I guess her beef was about the fact that her mom essentially “disturbed” the sanctity of their old house.  Almost like Patty was a tomb-robber or something.  I can see that actually.  Some things are best left as memories I suppose.  Makes me start evaluate whether or not forgetting might actually be an effective coping mechanism.

                 Bah.  Forgetting isn’t an option.  My dreams will see to that.

                 Next couple of days I think I’m going to beat some snowmobile paths into the woods around here.  I’m betting that’ll draw more of the undead into the area, which might not be a bad thing.  If they continue to meander towards campus at this rate, they’re just making it easy for us to kill them.    If I’m a little lucky, I’ll get some additional time behind the bow and maybe get a deer or five.

                 I bid you adieu Mr. Journal!  Godspeed. 







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