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November 16th, 2011 Tags: 218th entry

November 16th.

                Alright.  I don’t know what is happening, but things are definitely getting ramped up at every place we have people.  Earlier today around dinner time the gate radioed to everyone that about forty undead had shuffled their way down the road, and were pressing themselves against the gate.  By the time we all gathered at the gate to start to make a plan about what to do about it, at least a hundred more had started to fill the road and bridge. 

                What makes that situation worse, is that many of them walked directly into the water, and disappeared under the surface.  I thought dead bodies floated.  These ones do NOT.  About two hours after they disappeared under the surface of the water, some of them started to walk ashore on this side of the bridge, and now they’re scratching at the log wall, trying to get inside.  Olllie’s gate is holding strong still, but it’s only a matter of time before it gives.  More and more zeds are coming down the road, and literally coming out of the woods as well.  They’ve never come from anywhere but the road. 

                This is a whole new ballgame dad.  Not cool.

                Gavin’s tower is starting to be surrounded as well.  Angela just radioed and said there are about thirty or forty of the bastards scraping at the bottom floor trying to get inside.  They’re out of bricks and stones at the moment too, and they’re low enough on ammo that they can’t really shoot their way out.  We need to find a way out of here to help them, but we aren’t sure how we’re going to kill 150+ zeds right now. 

                The Factory is also surrounded, though not that bad yet.  We’re afraid to ask them to come to our aid though, because how bad is it where we can’t see?  Plus, we have little faith in their combat ability as Mike says.  We already killed most of their decent shooters.

                Not frigging cool.

                We’re freaking out.  I’m freaking out.  Oh and to make matters worse, Adrian’s feed tube is all fucked up, and Lindsey had to take it out.  He’s back on IV bags, but like we said, we don’t have many left.  It’s do or die time for him.


                I’ll write more when I know more.  I’m headed out to the gate to figure out a plan.



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