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November 25th, 2011 Tags: 222nd entry

November 25th.

                In the past few days I have managed the following:  I was moved back to my room in Hall E to my bed, and I had an awkward, relationship ending discussion with Mallory regarding how I knew she wanted to break up with me.  She tried it to play it off, tried to act like it wasn’t what it was, or that she didn’t say what she said to Abby.  I told her no further explanations were needed, no hard feelings, and I understood.  I don’t have the energy to fight anymore about it.  I don’t care.  Sex will be a distant goal of mine at best.  Right now I need to heal fast, and get my ducks in a row.  Mallory moved her things out of my room, and out of Hall E entirely.  She’s staying in Hall D I think. 

I’m trying not to think about it.  I act tough, but it still stings.  As much as I don’t want to admit it, this will bother me for awhile. 

                So yeah, I achieved two things, more or less.

                The rest of the group was able to achieve far, far more.

                We have an agenda that seems insane to me.   A year ago I was struggling with clearing the houses on Auburn Lake Road by myself, and now we do the same in a single day, far safer.  Because of the sudden addition of all these bodies, we’ve had to open up Hall C.  Sadly, there has been no electric supplied to that dorm, nor have we found or installed a suitable wood stove to assist with the heating there as the weather turns south.

                So the new folks decided that they deserved heat and electricity, which they’ve gone without already for an unreasonable amount of time.  I can’t blame them.  I also want my man Kev to have everything he deserves, and the least of that is electricity and heat.  As a result, we spent the last two solid days searching neighborhoods we haven’t gone to yet for gas generators, solar panels, wood stoves, and other usable supplies.

                Not surprisingly (thanks to yours truly, more details on that later Mr. Journal), they turned up quite a bit of goodies.  I am sick with myself over the fact that I was not there to help, and to share in the joy of finding such spoils.  Sigh.  Such is the life of the maimed and healing.  I suspect there will be a few weeks of this bullshit before I am up and running at full capacity.  Maybe I can score a job as wheel man on a run outside the wall soon.  That’d be so exciting.  Of course that’s me being optimistic.  I am having a hard time standing up and pissing on my own at a urinal right now.  Driving a vehicle in a combat situation would be… difficult to say the least.

                Anyway, jealousy and bitching aside, we managed to score not one, but two usable wood stoves.  I guess the crew keeps finding these shitty pellet stoves, and no pellets to go with them, so finding actual wood stoves was the hotness.  They got them yanked with just a minor series of fights, and today they’re all working on getting the stoves and small gas generator they found in a garage installed.  Sadly, there were no solar panels found anywhere (but I kind of expected that already, so no skin off our teeth).  Some of the guys are working on some ideas to make life a little easier too.  These dudes really know how to get shit done.  Kevin is the balls.

                No injuries, and only one real news item health wise to report.  Melissa apparently had a few days where she had contractions, but those subsided.  Of course she started having them about an hour ago again, so we’re thinking this is the real labor coming on.  We don’t know the exact moment of conception, nor did she get adequate prenatal care… But she’s gotta be close.  She looks like she’s going to give birth to a full size replica of Ollie. 

I feel better myself as it involves pain, but my body is very weak.  I lost of lot muscle tissue laying in bed that long, and I’ve got a few bed sores to boot.  Nothing major really, but they are stingy as hell, and Lindsey and Roger have me on some antibiotics to make sure they don’t get infected.  I’m hoping the antibiotics help to prevent the neck from getting infected too.  See: Adrian’s fear of infection overwhelming him.

                So the real thing I wanted to write about tonight was twofold.  Firstly, we all blanked on the fact that yesterday was Thanksgiving, so this morning when I realized yesterday was the damn holiday, I got on the walkie, and summoned Abby and Patty to remind them, and to see if we could get something nice going.  I think I’m the only person with a fucking calendar here, and as a result we missed the holiday.  Preparations are being made now for a sweet luncheon to celebrate the holiday.  I’m also told by my tiny blonde backup that many folks are celebrating the arrival of the others, as well as my sitting back up alive.  I guess the odds in Vegas that I’d sit back up dead were at least 60/40.

                Fuck odds.  The Jinx Fairy can blow me and chug it.


                Anyway.  Cheery holiday chatter aside, we’re planning a shindig tomorrow to end all shindigs.  James has been outside the wall with my bow hunting turkey, and he’s been pretty successful for a few weeks.  He’s got one on ice right now, and he’s double timing trying to get a second out the back gate in the woods.  We’re still getting straggler undead down the road, but since the crew started doing runs for loot, we’ve kept it a lot more manageable.  Trying to explain to the SO kids that we will piss through our ammo is a good time.  They love their rifles.  I’m trying to start a love affair for them with halligans.  Truthfully, they’re the shit, and don’t run out of ammo either.  To be frank, I’d settle on a love affair with a fire axe, sledgehammer, crowbar, or even a concrete block.  Anything that doesn’t make a lot of noise and run out of ammo.  These guys aren’t used to the idea of being in one place for long.  They’ve been sticking and moving for months now, and after they’re gone, they don’t give a shit about how much noise they just made.  Here, it’s a concern.  Things FIND us if we make noise.

                Alright, second big issue of the day is what I’ve got planned for us for the near future.  Part of why the guys were so able to find stoves and a generator was due to information Gilbert and I gathered from the other side.

                Let me try and explain what it is like.  Have you ever had a dream where things seemed very real, but you knew you were still in a dream?  Vivid experiences that sat on the edge of your mind just out of reach, just beyond the real?  Most of the time when I realized I was having one of those dreams, I became too aware of it, and I wound up waking up.

                Not so on the other side.  The other side is like a massive theme park set in a dream, one where the whole damn world froze solid on June 23rd, 2010.  The bad part of that is that nothing works there.  Cars don’t start, water doesn’t run, you don’t eat or drink and everything is hazy and indistinct the further it gets from you.  Much like a dream, the more you concentrate on what is happening, the more control you have over it, and the more “real” it becomes for you.

                If I thought about a person who I knew was dead with enough will, I could muster them to my presence.  As a result, once I got good at it, I was able to bring quite a few people to my presence to chat.  Of course, that only worked on people who died on that day, or since then.  You see, the door was open before then, but now it’s shut solid until we sort this bullshit out.

                I’ll talk more about who I spoke with, and what they had to say another day.  Really, it doesn’t matter for today’s entry.  What I can say, is that I was told NOT to try and talk to Cassie by Gilbert because somehow, she’s wrapped up in this.  I’m not sure exactly how yet, but I’ll figure it out.  Also, I was unable to summon my brothers after trying carefully, so I think both are still alive.  That’s awesome.

                What does matter, is that the world on the other side is frozen in time, the same as it was June 23rd when everything went off the tracks and shit the bed.  If I went to a house and looked through it, everything that was there that day, appeared before me.  So I realized right off the bat that if I needed to find something, all I had to do was spend the time wandering about, searching for items, and viola, when I awoke, I could go to those places, and unless the items I needed were taken since June of last year, the items were still there(theoretically of course).  This should work best for large items like stoves, generators, cars, etc.  They’re less likely to have been removed.  It’s why the guys and gals so easily found the wood stoves and generators the past few days.

                They’re amazed, I’m exhausted.  It was fucking WORK to wander around and search all those houses with Gilbert and Gavin while I was “out of commission.”  I don’t think my reputation as a “normal guy” was helped by having supernatural information.  Some of the folks here that found out I was giving out spot on intel about local houses and businesses were literally dumbfounded.  I didn’t explain how, just made it out to be no big deal, but some folks are clearly seeing me as some kind of modern day messiah.  I don’t like that at all.  I’m just a regular fucking guy, dragged into some pretty unregular bullshit.

                Anyway, because I know of where some awesome shit MIGHT be, I’ve got to get the crew set up on some raids to houses and businesses that are likely to still be intact.  There are some houses on the edge of town that I found that should have reloading supplies for ammunition, medical supplies, as well as gas generators, stoves, vehicles, tools, building supplies, and much more.

                My first concern is traveling to, and making those places safe so we can gather what’s left of what we saw.  My second concern is getting a plane in the air.  I know that sounds like a huge reach, but hear me out.  We have a pilot, multiple pilots actually, and people who can repair small planes now.  Nick and Kate are both capable, and there is a small training airport maybe ten miles away that has Cessnas, and planes of the such that they claim to be able to repair and fly.  If we can get a plane in the air, even a small one, an eye in the sky as well as the ability to travel long distances will be incredible for us.  I’d like to get that done before the snow falls.  Again.  We got about six inches of heavy wet snow a couple days ago, and it sucked.  Fortunately we have the plow, and lots of kids that have energy and shovels.

                We’ll see if the plane thing happens.  I suspect bullshit will get in the way.  Until then, we soldier on, getting shit done.

                Incidentally, food supplies are much lower than I thought they’d be by this point.  I’m not sure why, but it appears that folks were indulging while I was out.  Going into winter, we really can’t afford to eat too much.  Especially now that we are plus thirteen mouths to feed.

                Thirteen hungry mouths I might add.  I’m going to have to investigate the missing food problem, and find out who is eating us literally out of house and home.  Of course the more I think about it, it could be someone storing food in locations across campus to hoard it.  Maybe someone in Hall D, or Hall C is moving food there for their own uses later on this winter.  Makes sense as a survival plan, doesn’t it?  I guess we’ll get to the bottom of it.

                Maybe tomorrow.  I just took a vike, and the world is getting swimmy.  Catch ya on the flip side Mr. Journal.





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