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September 16th Tags: 193rd entry

September 16th.

                Found em.  I think.

                I’m writing this early in the afternoon because I am headed out in an hour or two.  I swung down to the houses below us on Auburn Lake today with Mallory to check for phone books.  As it turns out, I really have burned all the phone books here on campus, and Google is still fucking down.

                I got the address to a “diesel import” specialty dealership in a small town just north east of the city, and it was roughly in the same area as where the Outsiders were coming from.  I’m betting anything it’s the right place.  I can tell.  Feel it in my bones and whatnot.

                I’m going alone.  I know that sounds dumb, but I work better on my own, and I don’t need to burden anyone with covering my stupid risk taking ass. I also think that I will still be in radio contact that far out now that we have the repeater tower perched on the top of MGR, so in reality, I’m only a walkie transmission away from help.

                Not that the hour plus it’ll take for them to get to me won’t factor in … Guess I’ll just have to do this quietly, and try to get in and out of their neighborhood without bloodshed.  Or a little bit of carefully planned out bloodshed.

                Not that I’ll complain if I get to bring an abrupt end to the life of a bad guy.  The trick seems to be whether or not I can figure out who the good guys are, and who the bad guys are.

                I’ll put an entry in when I get back.  Hopefully that’s pretty soon.  I’m thinking maybe the 18th or 19th.  I’m planning on being gone for a few days, and I’m not bringing this laptop.  Too heavy, and god forbid they got their hands on it, and read all of this.  Even with a password required to log in, I don’t trust it.  Plus someone needs to read this if I die.

                And as I’ve said abundantly, dying is pretty easy nowadays, even for little old me.


                Fuck you Jinx Fairy.





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