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September 23rd Tags: 196th entry


September 23rd.

                I am a little worried.  Mike and Blake haven’t returned yet, and they haven’t responded to radio calls either.  They should’ve been back here by now, and it is highly unlike Mike to extend any trip like this without sending us some kind of message first.

                I hope they are okay.

                I’m very distracted by this.  I am supposed to be doing a quick gun inventory right now to get a grip on what we have stored in the various armories across campus, but I can’t seem to get the two guys off of my mind.  This is troubling me, and I really feel like something is amiss.  I’m almost certain of it.

                I am certain of it.  I can feel it in my bones.

                I grabbed Martin, Abby, and Mallory and sat down about fifteen minutes ago to discuss what the fuck we should do if Mike and Blake don’t return or contact us within a few hours.  The consensus opinion is that we should go look for them.  Of course they have the Prius with them, so we’d have to drive normal vehicles to get there.  Of course I have a much better idea of where I can drive without alerting anyone over there where we are now, but that’s beside the point.

                Lots could’ve gone wrong.  What scares me is that they aren’t radioing.  They didn’t respond to our radio an hour ago, and if they aren’t responding, then they got attacked by undead, killed by the Outsiders, or worse yet, captured by the Outsiders.  I mean there’s a small chance the Prius died at the same time BOTH of their radios died, but let’s be honest, that’s highly fucking unlikely, even with my shit ass luck.

At some point here I need to talk to Kimberly and Patty.  Neither of those women are going to want to hear that their man is missing.  I’m sure they’ll blame me for whatever happens. 

                God I hate this shit.  This is my nightmare.

                I’m going to head to bed here shortly.  If I don’t hear from them by morning, we’ll start packing up for a robust movement into the Outsider’s territory.  I know about where they went, so tracking them should be fairly easy.

                Gilbert, I could use a dream about now.





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