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The launch of Elmoryn Tags: The new project

Here it is folks, in all it's glory.

It has been 291 years since The Great Plague nearly wiped the entire world clean of human life.  Life was rescued from the clutches of the vile Plague only through the combined might of the two great faiths of Elmoryn  together with the magical might of the Waymancers, masters of all things Magic. 

Elmoryn has struggled since its near death, but like the fate of all humans on Elmoryn, death was not final.  Almost three hundred years of wars, dictators, kings and queens of all qualities, as well as the evil workings of fell Necromancers, thousands of zombies, and beasts from the wilds has finally passed.  Some stability has returned.  Nations have formed, borders are respected, and the Church of Souls and the Artificer's Guild have given hope to a world that had none.


I can safely say Elmoryn far eclipses AUD in size and scope.  Today, on day one Elmoryn's full, public life, there are over 400 pages of premium content already available spelling out the past, present, and future of an entire world filled with stories yet to be told.

The first book set in the Elmoryn universe is called The Wrath of the Orphans, and it follows a twin brother and sister as they come to grips with their small village being set aflame.  The artwork above is Malwynn and Umaryn following the rails of Elmoryn.

If you loved AUD, please give Elmoryn a chance.  If you like what you read, please consider sharing Elmoryn or AUD with your friends and family.  If you truly love it, and want to help support us, consider subscribing or donating, so we can continue to do this to entertain everyone.

Thank you AUD readers, friends and family for this opportunity to share a lifelong project.  I cannot adequately express my gratitude.



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