The Audio Video Club

The AV Club page you've stumbled upon here is a clearing house for neat videos and songs that are relevant to the Diary, and the fiction that goes along with the Diary.

Additionally, if a user finds a neat zombie or cool horror related video or song that they want to share, they can throw it up here as well.  We do reserve the right of course to yank anything that's over the top, but we're pretty open to most things.  If you can, comment on whatever it is you put up with where you got it, or any relevant info to help the other users.

Fair Warning:

These videos could be anything.  They might be violent, they might be gory, and the subject matter of all videos should be assumed to be mature in nature.

Posting Intructions:

If you're posting the video, use the embed code, not the link url.  The embed code will actually put the video right here, as opposed to just putting up the link in the video box.

buckeye Videos

Sorry, there are no videos to display.

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